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fetch vs. package lockers

How do package lockers and off-site package delivery solutions compare? We'll cover the difference and explain why Fetch might be the right solution to your package problem.



Fetch is multifamily's first and only off-site package solution that truly solves the package problem by accepting all packages and delivering them directly to residents' door.

By delivering all packages to their residents, Fetch is able to save on-site teams 35 hours a week on average and eliminate the need for owners and operators to dedicate community square footage and resources to resident packages.


package lockers

Package lockers provide a service for residents of multifamily communities to receive packages from an automated locker that is storing their package.

Typically located in a common area of a community such as a leasing office, major carriers deliver resident packages to the lockers throughout the day and residents are notified of their locker delivery. 

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fetch vs. package lockers at a glance

From package lockers to off-site delivery, we’ve compiled all of the information that you need to find the solution to your community or portfolio of communities’ package problem.

benefits fetch package lockers
Unlimited storage for increasing package volume Resident packages are delivered to an off-site local warehouse, so the number of packages that an off-site package solution can store and deliver to residents is not restricted by a community’s space. Locker banks have a defined number of lockers that determine the number and variety of sized packages that can be stored in the bank leaving little flexibility to increase storage capability outside of purchasing additional lockers.
Outbound Delivery At this time, only inbound packages will be accepted and delivered. Some locker services offer outbound delivery in addition to inbound.
100% accommodation of all sizes and shapes Off-site package delivery services receive all parcels (no matter the size or the weight) at an off-site warehouse. From a first floor apartment delivery to the top floor, these companies will bring an oversized or jiffy (envelope) sized package straight to the resident’s door. Package lockers can be engineered to be multi-sized to store packages of multiple sizes, including oversized. The number of oversized items that can be stored is dependent on the defined number of oversized lockers within the bank. Certain sized packages will still be too large for a locker (large apartment furniture for instance).
Works with all major carriers All major carriers deliver to Fetch's off-site facility. Community onsite teams will only see packages being delivered straight to the residents’ door by vetted couriers. This eliminates the need to grant community access multiple times a day to multiple carriers (like FedEx, Amazon, UPS,etc.drivers). All major carriers will deliver packages to lockers that are located at the community requiring that communities provide access to multiple carriers, multiple times throughout the day.
Contactless With Fetch's 'Leave' feature, residents do not need to interact with a person to receive their package. Residents do not need to interact with a person to receive their package.
Removes liability for on-site teams Fetch assumes the same standard liability of all major carriers and works directly with residents that encounter any delivery issue. If a package is misdelivered to a locker or is left outside of the locker in an unsecure place, the community team is often relied on by renters to locate and rectify their package problem.
Accepts medication and perishable deliveries All Fetch facilities have refrigerate or are climate controlled and are equipped to store medicines and delicate shipments such as perishables until residents are ready for delivery. Additional lockers can be purchased to accommodate oversized packages, perishable medications or meal prep kits.
benefits fetch lockers
Removes packages from community completely
Delivery directly to residents’ door
Works with all major carriers
Unlimited storage for increased package volume
100% accommodation of all package types and sizes
Future-proof for continuous growth
Complete courier management
Dedicated resident & on-site team support
Customizable solution for all asset types
Flexible fee structure
Single contact for customer service & courier support
Vetted courier team with consistent delivery windows
Removes liability from on-site property teams

the only package solution built exclusively to free leasing offices of packages, entirely.

Comparing Fetch to package lockers, Fetch is the only package management solution in the multifamily industry that's designed exclusively to remove resident packages from leasing offices and on-site teams' day-to-day responsibilities, for good.

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time poor, no more

Fetch handles 100% of your community package delivery, logistics, and resident support so that your on-site team can focus on things that are important to your bottom line like maximizing occupancy and boosting resident satisfaction.

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