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Upgrade your community with a service residents love. Fetch delivers convenience, peace of mind, and effortless living for your valued residents.



How Fetch Elevates the Resident Experience

Package rooms are overflowing. It’s a security concern and logistical nightmare for staff. But e-commerce continues to boom, adding pressure to an already strained system. Resident satisfaction plummets due to mounting complaints about lost packages and porch pirates.

But with Fetch, we handle everything. Residents receive a notification on their phone: Your package is coming! They choose a convenient time slot for direct-to-door delivery — no more overflowing package rooms or trips to the office. Staff is freed up to focus on what matters, and resident satisfaction soars.

Fetch isn't just about convenience; it's about transforming a chore into a premium amenity. Residents appreciate the peace of mind of secure direct-to-door delivery, while property managers gain valuable time and resources. This resident-centric approach fosters loyalty, boosts online reputation, and ultimately increases renewal rates.

Convenience Delivered
Peace of Mind
Effortless Satisfaction

How Fetch Enhances Residents' Lives

Imagine offering residents a service that eliminates the hassles of package delivery. What if you could make it a seamless and positive experience?

Fetch isn't just a solution — it's a premium amenity that elevates your apartment community and sets it apart from the competition.

Fetch empowers residents with choice and convenience. Gone are the days of missed deliveries, overflowing package rooms, and inconvenient pick-up times. With Fetch, residents:

Schedule deliveries at their convenience.

Enjoy peace of mind with secure, direct-to-door delivery.

Experience effortless happiness.

Residents crave convenience and appreciate the peace of mind that comes with secure deliveries. Fetch delivers on both, transforming a daily chore into a valued amenity.

The next step is adding Fetch to your amenities list!

Ready To Deliver Happiness to Residents

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How Fetch Empowers Residents

Schedule Deliveries Around A Busy Life: Residents can ditch the anxiety of missed deliveries. With Fetch, they choose a convenient time slot for direct-to-door delivery. We empower residents with more control over their schedules.

Goodbye Package Room Chaos: No more overflowing package rooms or the stress of misplaced deliveries. Fetch keeps track of everything, enhancing resident security by delivering packages directly to their doors.

Say Hello to Flexibility: Whether it's scheduling deliveries for evenings or weekends, Fetch adapts to resident needs. We cater to those with non-traditional work schedules or those who simply prefer the convenience of after-hours deliveries.


Secure, Direct-to-Door Convenience With Fetch

Eliminate Package Theft Worries: Stop the stress of stolen deliveries from common areas or unsecured lockers. Fetch delivers packages directly to residents' doors, providing a secure and reliable solution.

Signature Required, Delivered With Care: Fetch ensures residents receive their packages safely. Residents can be confident deliveries are handled with care and delivered directly to them, minimizing the risk of damage during delivery.

Real-Time Tracking and Notifications: Residents receive real-time updates on their package's status and a delivery notification . This transparency and increased visibility give residents peace of mind, knowing exactly when their package arrives safely at their doorstep.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

Input your community’s info below to estimate how much time Fetch can give your team back. We’ll take care of resident packages, and you can spend your time on anything else!


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Effortless Living Starts With Fetch:

Simplify Your Residents' Experience

In today's competitive market, property value is king. Fetch goes beyond convenience and revenue generation to directly contribute to a more valuable asset for you.

Free Up Valuable Time: Your residents want a hassle-free experience. Fetch takes care of everything, allowing residents to focus on what matters: enjoying their home and free time.

Effortless Management for Oversized Deliveries: Residents can say goodbye to wrestling with bulky packages or struggling to haul oversized deliveries to their apartments. Fetch handles it all, providing a convenient and stress-free solution for residents receiving large items.

Goodbye Package Pickup Hassles: Give residents more convenience. Fetch delivers directly to residents' doors, offering a seamless and effortless experience.


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“People at buildings that have Fetch are happy; those without Fetch have complaints about their package situation.”

Faith Barker
Marketing Manager
(Formerly Pioneer Acquisitions)

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