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Is Package Management Costing You More Than Money? Fetch Delivers a Profitable Solution.

Running a property management operation requires a delicate balancing act. You're constantly striving to keep residents happy, ownership groups satisfied, and your budget on track. But one persistent challenge throws a wrench into those plans: package management.

The influx of deliveries overwhelms your staff. Residents demand better service and convenience. And your boss complains about budget, occupancy, and property value. This constant battle with packages keeps you from focusing on higher-impact tasks.

What if there was a way to turn this headache into a win? Fetch offers an innovative solution to all of it. Our offsite model unburdens your onsite team, enhances resident satisfaction, and unlocks a new revenue stream for your property.

Streamline Operations & Save Time
Unlock Profitable Revenue Stream
Increase Property Values
Unleash the Power of Fetch:

Efficiency, Revenue, and Value All in One

Fetch isn't just a package management solution — it's a game-changer for your property's bottom line. Fetch delivers a powerful trifecta of benefits:

Effortless Efficiency & Time Savings: Say goodbye to the endless sorting and management of packages. Fetch's outsourced system takes the weight off your staff, freeing them to focus on resident needs and other priorities.

Unlock Profitable Revenue Stream: Turn package delivery into a new source of income. Fetch allows you to pass through a resident fee for convenient and secure deliveries, boosting your property's profitability.

Increase Property Values: Every dollar of additional net operating income (NOI) contributes to a higher property value. By streamlining operations and generating new revenue, Fetch becomes a valuable asset that enhances your property's financial attractiveness.

Ready To Streamline, Profit, and Increase Value?

Fetch transforms your entire property management experience. Get a quick demo meeting and unlock the potential for increased revenue and a more valuable asset.

Reclaim Your Time:

How Fetch Streamlines Operations & Saves You Money

Managing packages is a time-consuming task that can quickly overwhelm your staff. Fetch eliminates this burden almost instantly.

Automated Delivery Management: Residents schedule deliveries directly with Fetch — no more lines in the office or lost or stolen packages.

Reduced Staff Workload: Your onsite team is no longer bogged down sorting, logging, and searching for packages. They’re instantly freed up to focus on higher-value tasks like resident relations and leasing.

Simplified Operations: Fetch's intuitive platform provides real-time tracking and resident communication, streamlining the entire package delivery process.

By eliminating the time suck of package management, Fetch empowers your team to focus on what truly matters: creating a thriving community for your residents. This translates to increased NOI for property managers, improved resident satisfaction scores, and a more valuable property asset for owners and investors.

Turn Deliveries Into Dollars:

Unlock New Revenue With Fetch

Fetch isn't just about convenience; it's about creating a new profit center for your property. Fetch helps you generate additional income faster than you might think!

Pass-Through Amenity Fees: Implement a resident fee for secure and convenient package delivery, creating a new revenue stream that directly impacts your NOI.

Flexible Fee Structure: Customize the fee structure to fit your needs and target market. You’re in control of how to maximize the potential for resident adoption and revenue generation.

Transparent Billing System: Fetch provides a transparent billing system for property managers. It’s a simple path to increased revenue and profitability.

By creating a valuable service that residents appreciate, Fetch allows you to generate new revenue without compromising transparency or resident satisfaction. This translates to a more profitable property for owners and investors and helps property managers meet their budget and performance goals.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

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Elevate Your Property Value:

How Fetch Strengthens Your Investment

In today's competitive market, property value is king. Fetch goes beyond convenience and revenue generation to directly contribute to a more valuable asset for you.

Increased NOI & Property Value: Every dollar of additional NOI generated by using Fetch translates to a higher property valuation through cap rate calculations.

Premium Amenity Appeal: Fetch positions your property as a leader in resident experience by offering a sought-after and convenient amenity. This can attract and retain high-quality residents who will pay more for better value, further enhancing the property's value.

Future-Proof Investment: By addressing the growing need for efficient package management, Fetch demonstrates your commitment to providing modern solutions that meet resident expectations. A future-proof approach strengthens your property's long-term appeal and value.

Fetch isn't just a package solution; it's a strategic investment in your property's future. We streamline onsite operations, help you generate new revenue, and enhance the resident experience. Fetch positions your property for long-term success and increased value for owners, investors, and developers.

See the Fetch Advantage in Action

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As online shopping has increased, we’ve seen increased headcount onsite… Fetch enables us to stay within industry standards, and that is a huge financial benefit combined with the ancillary revenues produced.

Kelly Keech
Regional Vice President

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