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Fetch elevates resident satisfaction with convenience, security, and service — all while giving your onsite team time back in their day.


Is Package Management Becoming a Package of Problems for Your Apartment Community?

Do you offer the courtesy of receiving onsite packages only to have seen it snowball? Is it now a resident expectation that strains your staff and resources? You're not alone.

The e-commerce boom transformed packages from a simple perk into a clear burden. Traditional solutions like lockers only add clutter and frustration. But simply leaving packages unattended raises security concerns.

These outdated methods create headaches for your team. They also fail to meet the rising expectations of today's residents. Your residents crave convenience, security, and a touch of wow in their experience.

Fetch takes the weight off your shoulders (and out of your community office). We transform package delivery into a premium amenity your residents will love.

Effortless Convenience
Unmatched Security
Premium Service
Unleash the Power of Fetch:

Premium Amenities Your Residents Will Rave About

Effortless Convenience: Imagine residents scheduling deliveries directly to their doors through a user-friendly app. No more waiting around for office hours or wrestling with bulky packages. Fetch empowers residents to take control of their deliveries without your onsite team. We free up your staff to focus on what matters most.

Unmatched Security: Gone are the days of worrying about stolen packages left outside. Fetch's secure storage and delivery system solves this concern instantly. We ensure residents' valuables are safe and sound, giving them peace of mind.

Premium Service: Residents deserve more than just a place to drop off their packages. Fetch offers a level of care that sets you apart. We handle oversized items with ease and hold packages securely for extended periods. Fetch provides the white-glove service your residents crave.

By partnering with Fetch, you're not just solving a logistical headache — you're investing in resident satisfaction and gaining a competitive edge in today's rental market.

Set your community apart from the competition. Let Fetch transform your package woes into a premium resident amenity.

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Put Package Management on Autopilot for Residents (and Staff!)

Imagine a world where residents never have to adjust their schedules around package deliveries or wait in line at your office. With the Fetch Resident mobile app, your residents can access our services effortlessly.

Schedule deliveries directly to their door: No more wondering if they'll be home to receive a package. Residents choose a convenient time slot, and Fetch handles the rest.

Track packages in real time: Gone are the days of “where is my package?” delivery anxiety. Residents receive notifications at every step of the delivery process. We offer peace of mind and increased transparency over other solutions.

Manage deliveries on the go: The Fetch Resident mobile app empowers residents to manage their packages. We give them peace of mind whether they're at work, running errands, or enjoying a weekend getaway. Residents can adjust delivery preferences with just a few taps

Free up your onsite staff for what matters most! Fetch's streamlined delivery system reduces the burden on your team. We allow your team to focus on building relationships and addressing higher-priority needs.

Give Residents Peace of Mind, Not Package Anxiety

Residents shouldn't have to worry about porch pirates or lost packages. Fetch's secure delivery system ensures their packages are safe and sound, unlike:

Unattended Deliveries: Leaving packages at doors or outside apartments creates a prime target for theft. Fetch eliminates this risk by delivering directly to residents' doors. We even provide tracking updates for a secure hand off.

Unsecured Package Rooms: Overstuffed or poorly managed package rooms lead to problems. They can quickly become breeding grounds for lost or stolen items. Fetch eliminates that by providing a secure and controlled environment for all deliveries.

Overflowing Lockers: Traditional lockers often break down or become cluttered and overrun. Talk about defeating the purpose of security! Fetch offers a reliable and efficient alternative. Our solution eliminates the frustration of overflowing storage.

Reduce security concerns and liability for your property. Fetch's secure delivery system minimizes the risk of theft or damage. We promote a safer living environment for your residents.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

Input your community’s info below to estimate how much time Fetch can give your team back. We’ll take care of resident packages, and you can spend your time on anything else!


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Unwrap an Experience Beyond Delivery

Fetch goes above and beyond basic package delivery. We provide residents with a concierge-style service they'll truly appreciate. Our solution elevates the resident experience in ways other solutions can’t compare.

Effortless Handling of Oversized and Heavy Packages: No more struggling with bulky furniture or cumbersome deliveries. Fetch's team is equipped to handle even the most challenging packages. We ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for your residents.

Cold Storage for Perishable Deliveries: Residents can order meal kits or medical prescriptions with peace of mind. Fetch offers secure cold storage for perishable items. Our facilities are equipped to keep packages fresh and ready to enjoy. Lockers and package rooms just can't compete!

Extended Secure Storage: Residents on vacation? No problem! Fetch offers extended secure storage for deliveries. We allow residents to hold packages for delivery at their convenience and never charge extra.

Attract and retain residents who value convenience and a hassle-free lifestyle. Fetch's premium solution demonstrates your commitment to providing an exceptional living experience. In a world with so many choices, you can instantly differentiate your property from competitors.

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With Fetch, our people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which is managing the asset.

Any time spent on packages is time not spent on our customers.

Tim Kramer
Vice President and Director of Operations
Draper and Kramer

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