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Is Your Apartment Package 
Process a Liability Nightmare?

Juggling resident packages can be a stressful experience for property managers.

Lost or stolen deliveries are the worst. It leads to resident complaints, finger-pointing, and a constant feeling of vulnerability. Even worse: dealing with insurance claims. The whole process is a huge time suck for your already busy onsite team.

These constant disruptions keep you at a constant disadvantage. Your resident satisfaction declines, and your property is at significant financial risk. Rising insurance premiums due to package-related claims will significantly impact your bottom line. Furthermore, the hidden costs of managing resident issues and processing claims can quickly add up.

Fetch alleviates these burdens entirely. 

Fetch instantly eliminates liability for your property and onsite teams. We take over package management, and you simply benefit. Our secure offsite storage and streamlined resident notification system ensure a hassle-free package experience for everyone involved.

Reduced Insurance Costs
Zero Liability 
Focus on What Matters

Breathe Easy - Fetch Takes Complete Control of Package Liability

Worried about the ever-growing liability associated with resident packages? Lost deliveries, damage claims, and resident disputes can be a constant source of stress for property managers.

Fetch offers a revolutionary solution that completely removes liability from your shoulders. Our secure offsite storage and streamlined resident notification system ensure a hassle-free package experience for everyone involved.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're never on the hook for lost or stolen packages. Fetch assumes complete financial responsibility, eliminating the burden of claims and associated costs for your property and onsite teams.  Your team sees benefits

Reduced Insurance Costs: Minimize package-related incidents and potentially benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Zero Liability Claims: Free yourself from the time-consuming hassle of processing claims and resident disputes.

Focus on What Matters: Reclaim valuable time and resources previously spent managing packages. Let your onsite team focus on core responsibilities and resident satisfaction, not packages.

Ready to say goodbye to package liability anxieties?  Fetch is the only solution that does it all.


Tired of Package Liability Headaches?

Eliminate the risk and reclaim your time. Get a no-obligation quote for Fetch today and see how we can transform your package management.

Slash Insurance Costs and Boost Your Bottom Line with Fetch

Property managers are facing a double whammy: rising insurance costs and an increasing number of package-related incidents. Fetch tackles both issues head-on:

Reduced Claims: By eliminating liability for lost, stolen, and damaged packages, Fetch minimizes the number of claims your property files. This can lead to significant reductions in your insurance premiums.

Improved Risk Profile: Fetch's secure offsite storage and streamlined delivery process demonstrate a proactive approach to package security. This can positively impact your property's risk profile in the eyes of insurers, potentially leading to even lower premiums.

Focus on Loss Prevention: Fetch allows you to free your team from the burden of managing package deliveries. We enable you to dedicate resources to proactive risk mitigation, further improving your risk profile.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

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Free Yourself From the Burden of Package Claims with Fetch

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and stressful world of package claims. Fetch takes on the full financial responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged resident packages, eliminating this burden entirely for your property and onsite teams.

Zero Liability, Guaranteed: Rest assured that Fetch, not your property, is financially responsible for any package issues. This eliminates the risk of unexpected costs and protects your bottom line.

Streamlined Claims Process: In the rare event of a package issue, Fetch handles the entire claims process. Residents simply contact Fetch directly, and you're free to focus on what matters most – managing your community.

Reduced Staff Time: Eliminate the time your onsite staff spends dealing with resident inquiries and complaints about missing packages. Fetch's dedicated customer service team takes care of everything.

Reclaim Your Time and Focus on What Matters Most with Fetch

Your liability isn’t only a financial cost. Managing packages can be a major time sink for property managers, taking away from core responsibilities and resident satisfaction. Fetch frees you from this burden, allowing you to refocus your energy on what truly matters.

Boost Efficiency: Eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated with package receiving, storage, and delivery. Fetch handles everything, from resident notification to secure storage, streamlining your day-to-day operations.

Enhanced Resident Experience: Devote more time to fostering positive resident relationships. Fetch's seamless delivery process ensures residents receive their packages conveniently and securely, boosting satisfaction.

Focus on Core Responsibilities: Shift your focus from package logistics to core tasks such as property maintenance, resident events, and community building. Fetch empowers you to manage your property effectively and efficiently.

Ready to Ditch Package Headaches and Boost Your Bottom Line?

See how Fetch can transform your property management experience.  Request a quick demo call today and discover a world without package liability.


The biggest selling point for us is that it removed the liability associated with managing residents’ packages.

Luanne McNulty
VP of the Central Region

ZRS Management

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