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Stuck Managing Packages? Free Up Your Time and Staff With Instant Relief.

Imagine this: Your residents are frustrated by missed deliveries, lost packages, and a cluttered lobby overflowing with boxes. Your onsite staff is overwhelmed. They’re spending hours sorting through packages and managing resident complaints. It feels like a never-ending cycle — and frankly, you're tired of the hassle.

Traditional solutions like lockers or package rooms seem promising, but the reality is a slow-motion nightmare. Months of planning, construction delays, and software training leave your team stuck in the same stressful situation. Every day that passes is another day of frustrated residents and a growing workload for your staff.

But what if there was a better way? Fetch offers an instant solution that gets you out of the package delivery mess and starts delivering results in just a few weeks. No construction headaches; no software learning curves — just a seamless transition to a system that frees up your staff and keeps your residents happy.

Instant Implementation
Happy Staff, Happy Residents
Stop Waiting, Start Winning:

How Fetch Solves Your Package Delivery Headaches — Today

Your current package management solution costs you time, money, and resident 
satisfaction. Aren’t you tired of waiting for traditional solutions to finally fix the problem they promised to solve?

Fetch offers a revolutionary approach to multifamily package management. Our instant implementation eliminates the lengthy planning, construction, and software training phases that plague traditional methods. We're ready to take over your package woes in just a few weeks, freeing up your valuable time and resources.

Imagine the benefits:

Instant Implementation: No construction delays; no wasted time. Fetch is ready to go when you are.

Cost-Effective Solution: Our streamlined approach saves you money compared to expensive locker systems or package room installations.

Happy Staff, Happy Residents: Your staff is instantly unburdened. Reducing their stress translates to better customer service. And residents get their packages securely and conveniently delivered without delay. Everybody wins!

How long are you willing to wait for results?


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Stop waiting for results — Fetch can transform your package delivery system in just a few weeks. Schedule a demo and see how Fetch can create instant relief and happy residents.

Get Instant Relief With Fetch's Streamlined Implementation

Let's face it: Traditional solutions for package management drag on for months. Between planning permits, construction delays, and software training, valuable time ticks by while your team remains overwhelmed.

Here's how Fetch delivers instant relief and results in just a few weeks:

Skip the Months-Long Wait: Eliminate construction headaches and wasted planning phases. Fetch utilizes a network of existing, secure warehouses, meaning there's no need for lengthy construction projects on your property.

Ready When You Are: We understand your needs are urgent. Fetch's solution is scalable and pre-built, allowing for immediate implementation as soon as you need it. No time wasted waiting for custom builds or installations.

Quick Wins for Your Portfolio: Streamline package delivery across your entire multifamily portfolio with ease. Fetch's scalable solution can be implemented quickly at each property, ensuring a consistent and efficient resident experience.

With Fetch, you can say goodbye to months of waiting for results and hello to a streamlined 
package delivery system that delivers immediate relief and resident satisfaction — all within a 
few short weeks.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

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Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency:

The Fetch Advantage

Package management shouldn't break the bank. While traditional solutions like lockers and package rooms come with hefty upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees, Fetch offers a cost-effective solution that delivers significant savings:

No Hidden Costs: Forget expensive construction projects, installation fees, and software licensing agreements. Fetch utilizes a streamlined operational model that eliminates these hidden costs, saving you money from day one.

Pay-As-You-Go Flexibility: Unlike traditional solutions with large upfront investments, Fetch offers a scalable pricing plan that aligns with your needs. We ensure a cost-effective approach to package management.

Focus on Long-Term Value: Invest in your property's future. Fetch's solution requires minimal upfront investment, allowing you to allocate your budget toward other property improvements and resident amenities that enhance long-term value.

With Fetch, you get a cost-effective package management solution that quickly delivers significant savings compared to traditional methods. Our streamlined approach eliminates hidden costs, maximizes staff productivity, and lets you focus your budget on what matters most.

Smiles All Around:

How Fetch Creates a Win-Win for Everyone

Package management shouldn't be a source of frustration for anyone involved. Fetch delivers a solution that creates a positive experience for both your staff and residents:

Empower Your Team: Instantly free up your onsite staff from the time-consuming burden of package management. Fetch takes care of everything from day one. We allow your team to focus on building resident relationships, addressing maintenance requests, and providing exceptional customer service.

Reduced Staff Stress: Less time wrestling with packages translates to happier and more productive staff. Improved morale translates into better resident interactions and a more positive work environment.

Residents Get What They Deserve: Fetch ensures residents receive their packages securely and conveniently. We eliminate the frustration (and complaints) over missed deliveries or lost items. Improved resident satisfaction leads to positive online reviews and a stronger reputation for your property.

Peace of Mind for Everyone: Stop worrying about package security and lost deliveries. Fetch's secure warehouse facilities and streamlined delivery process ensure residents get their packages quickly and safely, creating peace of mind for everyone involved.

Fetch creates a win-win situation for both your staff and residents. By taking over package management, we reduce staff stress, improve resident satisfaction, and contribute to a more positive living experience for everyone involved.

Ready To See How Quickly Fetch Can Jump Into Action?

Experience the Fetch difference firsthand. See how our instant implementation and resident-centric approach can transform your package delivery system. Schedule a demo today and discover a path to happier residents and a more efficient team.


We didn’t have to do anything; we didn’t have to touch anything. Fetch gave us the information to email to our residents. It made it much easier for a property manager who’s doing 50 million other things, trying to get something off the ground. They did the work.

Jennifer Green
Senior Property Manager
Ditto Residential

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