Stop Wasting Time on Packages!

Your job is to manage rental housing, not resident packages! Fetch solves that problem for you. We give your teams back valuable time for true property management tasks.


Is Package Management Hurting Your Onsite Team’s Productivity?

Modern property management demands a high level of onsite productivity. You’re tracking time and workforce resources. Your boss is drilling down on every single expense to maximize efficiency.

So then, why are you wasting time managing packages?

Your profits go down every time a resident clicks “buy” online. You’re paying your onsite team to manage packages. Except you can't tie a single penny of that to revenue or profit. And with growing e-commerce trends, you can only expect that to accelerate.

Fetch helps you outsource that burden instantly. While other conventional solutions miss the mark, you’re left with more work. Fetch helps get you out of the package business and refocused on property management.

Outsource the Task of Package Management
Focus Your Team on Profitable Tasks
Ditch the Package Headaches
Stop Wasting Valuable Time on Packages!

Fetch frees up hundreds of hours for your onsite teams each year.

Stop receiving, sorting, and storing packages. Fetch handles everything offsite, taking care of package delivery, storage, and resident communication.

Focus on leasing, renewals, and resident satisfaction. (You know, the actual tasks of your job!) Get back more time for what matters most. With Fetch, your team spends less time on packages and more time on tasks that drive revenue.

Leave all the package headaches to Fetch. Can you imagine no more resident complaints for packages? We handle customer service directly, alleviating that burden from your team.

Imagine what your team could accomplish with 2,300 extra hours. (That's the average for a 300-unit community!)

Fetch takes package management off your plate so you can focus on managing your property. What’s a better solution than that?

Reclaim Your Time: Request a Demo and See How Fetch Can Help

Feeling swamped by packages? Stop wasting time and empower your onsite team to do their actual job. Get valuable time back for your team with Fetch's offsite solution.

Request a demo now to see how Fetch can transform your property management experience.

Outsource Package Management and Reclaim Your Time

Ever wonder why property managers are responsible for managing resident packages? We did, too!

Property managers didn’t always handle packages. There used to be only a few packages a month. What began as a courtesy has ballooned into an unmanageable burden.

What would you do instead if your team never had to bother with another resident package?

Fetch coordinates package deliveries at an offsite warehouse. Residents schedule direct-to-door delivery in our app. And your team? They can get back to their actual job.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

Input your community’s info below to estimate how much time Fetch can give your team back. We’ll take care of resident packages, and you can spend your time on anything else!


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Empower Your Team To Focus on Profitable Tasks

Leasing. Renewals. Maintenance and repairs. Improving resident satisfaction. Processing rent and deposits. Managing turns for new move-ins.

Managing packages doesn’t help you do any of that.

With Fetch’s offsite solution, your team gains back valuable time for their actual job. Instead of sorting packages, they can now delight residents before the next renewal. Rather than deal with a broken locker, they can improve leasing performance.

Package management is likely not a priority for your team. They’re tasked with meeting budget and exceeding revenue goals. So, why should they be burdened with it?

Isn’t it time to get your team back to their actual job?

Ditch the Headaches:

Fetch Handles Packages and Resident Issues

Years ago, you only dealt with a few packages. The chance for mistakes was low, so there were only a few issues.

However, today’s volume of package delivery is astonishing. Mo’ packages, mo’ problems (as they say). But not for Fetch!

Fetch handles packages *and* resident issues. We coordinate receiving, storing, and delivery with residents. Our support team is 100% human and ready to solve any minor mishaps — no frustrating chatbots here!

Imagine a world with no packages to manage and fewer resident complaints to solve. Fetch makes that world a reality.

Are You Finally Done Wasting Time Managing Packages?

Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss how we can save you time onsite. Whether you’re focused on increasing productive time for your teams or reducing staff count by eliminating unnecessary tasks, Fetch helps you instantly.


Before Fetch, all week long, we had one person dealing with questions and searching for and delivering packages — even staying late to meet someone at the door for a delivery.

Keri Denson
Regional Manager
ZRS Management

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Learn How a Community Supported Its Onsite Team by Recognizing the Overwhelm From Resident Packages – And Took Action With Fetch

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