Free Up Your Space.

Solve Package Management.

Ditch the package room. Fetch delivers a space-saving solution for multifamily communities.

The Space Squeeze:

Why Traditional Package Management Is Stressing Your Community

Ever-growing package deliveries are creating a logistical nightmare for multifamily communities.

How do you solve the package headache when you have limited space? Residents order more online than ever. The old solutions like package rooms and lockers just don’t work anymore. They eat up valuable square footage you could use for amenities or revenue-generating spaces.

Even if space isn’t a concern, construction causes headaches. Building or redesigning a dedicated package space requires significant upfront costs, lengthy construction times, and potential resident disruption.

Traditional solutions are unscalable. As e-commerce continues to boom, your current package management system will struggle to keep up. Worse yet, you’ll be left with frustrated residents and an overwhelmed staff — another problem to solve down the road.

It’s time for something different.

Reclaim Valuable Space
Faster Deployment, Faster ROI
Scale With E-commerce Growth

The Space-Saving Solution for Instant Results

The truth is you’ll never have enough space. Residents want more amenities. Your team wants more room to organize. And your boss wants every square foot of real estate to have a positive ROI.

But now, solving your community's package crisis is easier than you think.

Fetch redefines package management for communities. Our solution doesn’t require any onsite space. You don't need to decide between a fitness center and a package solution.

Reclaim Valuable Space: Fetch's offsite model frees up your valuable square footage for 
more possibilities. You'll have additional space for amenities, revenue-generating spaces, 
or simply more breathing room.

Faster Deployment, Faster ROI: No construction headaches! Fetch's quick and easy implementation gets you up and running faster. You'll see a return on investment sooner
 than you thought possible.

Scale With E-commerce Growth: Fetch is built to adapt. As online shopping continues 
to rise, Fetch seamlessly scales up. We can meet your growing needs without any additional space constraints.


Ready to ditch the package room 
headaches and unlock valuable space 
in your community?

Solve your package problem without using a single square foot of valuable space. We take resident packages offsite, where you’ll never see them again. It’s really that simple.

Reclaim Valuable Space:

Free Up Square Footage for What Matters Most

Imagine a vibrant resident lounge. Think about a coworking space for WFH residents. Picture an updated fitness center.

None of those amenities have a package locker in the background.

With Fetch’s offsite solution, you don’t have to choose. You can solve your package crisis and keep the value-boosting amenity. You get to reclaim valuable space and dedicate it to what truly matters for your community.

Fetch doesn’t need a single square foot of your community space to solve package management. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too.

Choose the Only Future-Proof Solution for Package Management

What’s worse than using valuable space to solve the package problem? Paying someone to tear apart your community to build a subpar solution.

Construction just sucks. It’s noisy and expensive, and scheduling and permits take forever.

But Fetch is different. Our innovative offsite approach solves the package problem without a single banging hammer. Talk about a win-win.

A faster solution translates to faster time-to-value, so you can see real ROI sooner. Fetch takes care of packages while you focus on what matters most: running your community.

Exactly How Much Time Can You Save?

Input your community’s info below to estimate how much time Fetch can give your team back. We’ll take care of resident packages, and you can spend your time on anything else!


estimate your savings

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Scale With E-commerce Growth:

Future-Proof Your Package Management

The worst type of solution is one that doesn’t really solve the problem.

After all the costs and construction delays, the other solutions still can’t scale for the future. One day soon, e-commerce will overrun any space dedicated to a locker system or smart package room.

Whether in a few quarters or a few years, you’ll eventually have to upgrade to keep up 
with e-commerce.

Why bother with half-measures when Fetch solves the package problem instantly and forever?

Unleash the Power of Space-Saving 
Package Management

Don’t sacrifice your space to solve a problem. Fetch lets you keep the fitness room while freeing up your onsite team’s day to focus on their real job: taking care of residents.


Fetch opens up more space on the main floor because we don’t need to accommodate a package room or package lockers.

Taking those large package rooms out of the design gives us space that we can use for other meaningful amenities for our residents.

Randall Logan
Senior Regional Manager
Core Spaces

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Discover how Core Spaces eliminated the need for a package room, freeing up valuable space for resident amenities, by using Fetch's offsite package management solution.

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