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at fetch, we are fans of packages and the people receiving them.

Getting a package—whether it’s a meal plan, a hot pair of shoes, or a new couch is fun. We aim to keep it that way, because delivery happiness shouldn’t end with a lost package, a moldy perishable, or a box teasing you from inside a locked leasing office.

So we designed a solution that removes the package burden from property managers and gives residents a delivery experience worthy of their excitement. That is, we allow property managers to focus on their core business (not package delivery), and bring every package safely to its owner’s waiting hands.

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what we believe


People Taking Care of People

We believe in treating people and their possessions with respect and authenticity in all dealings. We care about the communities we serve and the people that live in them.


deliver value

We are focused on results and align our business model with both profitability and growth.  We work hard to deliver on our commitment to consistency and quality for our clients, partners, and investors.


growth mindset

We’re always in growth mode, whether it’s through physical expansion or reimagining what's possible, we believe in the mantra of continuous improvement. We’re not afraid to fail. We’re not afraid to take risks and fail as long as we learn and grow from our mistakes.


Enjoy the Journey

We know that our business is always changing and there’s always more to do. We also know that having fun and laughing as we go is what makes us who we are. We take time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so that we don’t miss how impressive the climb is.


Cultivate Fans

We enjoy exceeding the expectations of our customers, our teams and ourselves. We take the role we play in people's lives seriously and know that they trust us to act responsibly and authentically. If our customers aren’t advocating for our people and our service, then we’re not performing at the level we should be.

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