A ZRS Management Case Study

ZRS community gives on-site staff time back & increases NOI through Fetch

ZRS community gives on-site staff time back and saves $54,000 in first year

Without enough on-site staff to support this ZRS community’s day-to-day goals, Regional Manager, Keri Denson knew that the community’s current package locker system wouldn’t hold up to the influx of resident package deliveries.

“Before Fetch, all week long, we had one person dealing with questions and searching for and delivering packages, even staying late to meet someone at the door for a delivery."

Keri Denson

ZRS Management

Without enough on-site staff to support a community’s day-to-day goals, resident package management becomes an impossible task. Package lockers, rooms or on-site staff handling resident deliveries cannot combat the skyrocket multifamily has seen since 2020 in package delivery. According to Statista, “In 2020, global parcel shipping volume amounted to over 131 billion parcels. In less than six years, this volume is expected to more than double and reach 266 billion parcels shipped in 2026.” 

Keri Denson, Regional Manager at property management group ZRS Management, knew that with the influx of resident package deliveries growing annually, along with the limited number of on-site team members she had, the community’s current package locker system wouldn’t hold up over time. An effective package system needed to be implemented. 

With her Houston, Texas ZRS community 95% occupied, only 35% of residents would actually be able to utilize their current package system. 

In this 364 unit ZRS property, there was one person putting time in day in and day out to ease this community’s package burdens, leaving all the burden to fall onto them. “Before Fetch, all week long, we had one person dealing with questions and searching for and delivering packages, even staying late to meet someone at the door for a delivery,” Denson said. They understood this struggle needed a solution and that’s when Denson was introduced to Fetch.

Once off-site package management was deployed at the ZRS community, the need for an individual staff member to spend time sorting through and delivering resident packages  was a thing of the past. With Fetch,  residents could use an app to easily schedule deliveries at their convenience, and more on-site team members were available to help residents. The ZRS community was able to put a stronger emphasis on gaining more leases, increasing customer service and resident communication, and ultimately improving the community’s resident satisfaction. 

Denson said reviews of the ZRS community started to become more positive online, especially with her on-site teams promoting Fetch. In 2018, the community’s rating were sitting at 2.3 stars out of five. After one year of rolling out Fetch, the community saw their rating increase to 4.2 stars. This ZRS community was the first in the Houston market to adopt Fetch, making it a competitive service amenity at this community, helping them stand out from their competition. 

Denson reported after making the switch to Fetch, her on-site team was a lot happier– the team didn’t need to spend hours addressing package problems or reaching out to residents that hadn’t  picked up their packages.

With Fetch, the ZRS on-site team doesn’t have to touch resident packages. This removes the package workload from the team’s plate, and in turn, saved the community $54,000 in their first year of adopting Fetch.. 

Package lockers were removed from the community, and with the extra space free’d up by implementing Fetch, the community was able to add in another new amenity- an internet cafe!

Ready to see how much overhead and time off-site package management can save you? Check out our ROI calculator or request a quote. 

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