Are there other package solutions that might work better for your community?

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Residents will receive 9.41 packages on average per month in 2022 according to Apartment Data and that number is projected to increase to 10.65 packages in 2023.

Resident package volume is expected to grow by 14.96% each year, meaning we’re only scratching the surface of the multifamily industry’s package volume and package problems. We’ve seen it all: resident deliveries left in a community lobby, leasing office, scattered in front of package lockers or rooms, all unreliable and unsecure package delivery systems. The missing key element? Direct-to-door delivery!

Check out how direct-to-door delivery combats common package problems brought on by other solutions.

When packages are left at package lockers/rooms

As online shopping has become the primary way for many residents to do their shopping, package rooms and lockers have proved to be a nonviable option in supporting resident’s deliveries. Not only are lockers and rooms expensive, they take up important square footage that could be used for other amenities. With the spike in resident deliveries over the past few years, package lockers have proven unsuccessful in both intake of packages due to an increase in volume and the storing of oversize packages. This results in packages scattered and disorganized in front of lockers, causing extra frustrations for the resident trying to locate their package on-site.

Package lockers and rooms are a short term fix, but ultimately can’t support e-commerce growth (which is here to stay).

How direct-to-door delivery compares to package lockers and rooms

Residents utilize direct-to-door delivery to schedule deliveries right to their apartment door. They can choose to be home during the time of delivery, or have their packages conveniently left directly outside their door. Residents receive notifications throughout the entire delivery process, so when it comes to receiving packages, every step is stress-free.

“We used to have to go to the office to get our packages. But storage rooms aren’t usually very big, so enter the lockers. And I’ve watched the lockers miserably fail because people can’t pick up packages fast enough and lockers are continually full,” said Fetch community resident, Michelle Wood.Now, watching the new Fetch roll-out, I’m really excited.”

Crowded community common areas are a thing of the past since packages are stored at a local warehouse. On top of that, residents don’t pay any unexpected fees – even if they’re on vacation for the week!

When packages are left in a lobby or for on-site teams to handle

While leaving packages unattended in a lobby or building entrance may be convenient for carriers, it doesn’t protect packages from porch pirates. Unattended packages placed in common areas close to the entrance of a property increases the visibility for anyone passing by, causing residents to worry about needing to be home when they are expecting a delivery.

Not to mention, on-site teams spend their day locating and sorting resident packages. In addition to handling day-to-day operations, on-site teams are the heart that helps their community stand out. If they are spending hours of their day sorting through and managing resident packages, they have little time to take care of the essential day-to-day tasks. Along with this, residents are limited to only picking up packages within business hours.

Direct-to-door delivery vs. the ‘lobby drop’ method or leaving deliveries up to on-site teams

Knowing residents’ goods are being shipped to a safe and secure location is necessary. By providing secure deliveries right to residents’ doors and giving residents the freedom to control when they receive packages, residents no longer need to worry about keeping track of deliveries around the community. Not to mention, direct-to-door delivery offers on-site teams countless hours saved.

See for yourself

Without the burden of package management, on-site teams can focus on providing the best possible service to their residents. Find a case study on this here.

Direct-to-door delivery is the only solution created to cater to each aspect of the community’s needs while accommodating residents’ unique requirements. Find a PDF comparison of all package management options and how they stack up to direct-to-door delivery here.

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