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fetch client question series fetch answering top questions sales reps get about package management solution

We get a lot of questions about the ins and outs of Fetch – from how it works at your community, to how on-site teams are impacted by our service, and from time to time, if we work with dogs (we wish, but no). 

Fetch is a unique package solution, so it’s understandable that  questions come up. We always aim to provide the most detailed answers we can about the service we offer and that’s why we’ve outlined three of our top FAQs. 

Does Fetch cause a delay in delivery?

The short answer – No. Fetch has a commercial dock address meaning Fetch facilities receive packages earlier than residential delivery. Fetch has dedicated drivers and routes with major carriers, which helps residents receive packages fast and securely. If a resident has issues with delivery, we’re here to help – get in touch here.

What if a resident isn’t home to receive their delivery?

Just as Fetch offers two-hour delivery windows for residents who want to be home to receive their delivery in their hands, Fetch also has options for residents receiving packages when residents are not home. One of the best features of Fetch is residents have  full control over their delivery preferences through the Fetch app, even if their package is actively out for delivery. 

If a package is marked as “Out for Delivery” and the resident would like to change their preference because they are not home, they may simply update this through the Fetch app before the package is delivered.

If they choose the “Leave at Door” option and the package will be left at their door with a proof of delivery photo.

If the resident is not home and they would prefer the package not to be left, they may select “Do Not Leave” as their delivery preference. With this option, the package will be brought back to the Fetch facility, and can be rescheduled for delivery at a day or time that works best for them.

Who are Fetch Delivery Drivers?

Our Delivery Partners are the ones making the package delivery magic happen day-to-day. In short, they are people taking care of people (one of Fetch’s core values!).

Fetch Delivery Partners are fully vetted, background checked, and trained. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Delivery Partners as we understand we aren’t simply delivering boxes, we’re delivering birthday gifts, school supplies, clothing, household essentials and everything in-between. 

Fetch Delivery Partners are the friendly faces at communities that get residents’ goods to the final destination. 


Have more questions? Drop them here.

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