How to Best Handle Package Deliveries at Apartment Communities

To remove the package management burden from onsite teams, some operators use third-party off-site package delivery companies. For example, Fetch specializes in last-mile logistics for apartment buildings, leveraging a large network of warehouses in 21 markets across the U.S.

By outsourcing their package management services to third-party companies, communities avoid the need for dedicated space on-site and allow office teams to focus on revenue-driven initiatives like leasing and move-ins, which is often a major pain-point for communities with less staff, according to Jennifer Chestnut, vice president of marketing with Fetch.

“These solutions can allow for major time savings for on-site teams—an average of 30 hours a week for a 300-unit property,” Chestnutt said.

No matter how property managers handle their residents’ packages now, they should be aware that 2022 is expected to be the first trillion-dollar year for e-commerce, according to the latest Adobe Digital Economy Index. This means that dealing with deliveries will continue to be among property managers’ top concerns.

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