How to make new resident move-ins easier

New resident move-in experience made easier with Fetch delivery and move-in kits

If you’re an Owner or Operator, chances are you’ve considered move-in gifts or kits for new residents or have even ventured onto set up move-in-gifts with help from your on-site teams. While this isn’t standard practice everywhere, property managers who put move-in kits in place for new residents are creating long lasting value that goes beyond simply handing off the keys on move-in day. Owners and Operators focus a great deal on making residents’ everyday living experience in the community exceptional, but what about the first impression residents get on their actual move-in date? Here are a few ways Owners and Operators can set up move-in kits sure to make new residents feel at welcome AND at home from (even before) Day 1!


An average two-year lease has the earning potential for up to $50,000, so don’t skimp on resident move-in gifts if you decide to take this route in welcoming new residents. Many property managers recommend stocking up the fridge with champagne and a couple snacks. Who doesn’t love cookie dough and bubbly? It is also recommended to add a welcome basket somewhere in the unit with snacks like pretzels, chips or chocolate, a bottle opener or a corkscrew, a gift card for Doordash or a local restaurant, information about the community (like how residents can expect to get packages delivered or when your next resident event is), and a handwritten note from the property manager welcoming the residents to the community. To take this a step above and beyond, some communities give out branded items like tumblers, shirts or pens/pencils for residents to carry around and use as additional marketing. All-in-all, the small cost of setting up a move-in gift for new residents will pay off and help your new community members to feel welcome from Day 1. 

Offer delivery for furniture or other items before move-in

Let’s face it, sometimes residents have a few days of travel, work or life events preventing them from moving in on the exact day their lease begins, but they want to begin the process of moving ASAP. With that in mind, by using Fetch’s third party off-site delivery service, Owners and Operators can offer new residents the option to ship some items to their unit, including oversize items like furniture, so their goods are waiting for them at their local Fetch facility ready to be scheduled for direct-to-door delivery before the resident even arrives! Any shipments the new resident orders using the unique Fetch delivery code they receive upon signing their lease can be delivered to the community, and even placed securely into their empty apartment waiting for their arrival. Residents control their deliveries through the Fetch app, so they are notified of all the checkpoints their packages make until arrival at their door (or in-unit). When a resident signs a lease at a Fetch community, they are given the opportunity to prepare for a move easier than ever before. Timing is everything when it comes to moving, and someone just might sign a lease at your community if you can make their move easier. 

Provide a couple essential move-in supplies 

This can be as simple as making sure there is a bar of soap in every bathroom or a roll of toilet paper. Sometimes on move-in days, residents travel with their belongings but plan to buy essentials like soap, toilet paper and paper towels upon arrival. Especially for residents traveling from far away, providing a few essentials so they don’t need to go out to buy tissues at their time of arrival is just the consideration they need to begin feeling a sense of security and home right from the start. 

Summer resident events

The majority of renters move in the summer – it’s peak leasing season and often the easiest time for people to find time in their schedules to move. Moving to a new community is daunting, but resident events like movie nights, appetizers and games in the lounge, or mixers on the patio to help new residents get to know each other, show residents that their new home is more than just an apartment, it’s a real community of people. This gives residents the opportunity to get to know their neighbors and form new connections with other residents. Resident events are impactful and can even contribute to renewed leases. Residents want to interact and share experiences with their friends and community members!

Follow up and send a move-in survey

Wondering how you did? Wondering if the resident liked all of the move-in amenities and gifts you provided? 24 hours after new residents get their keys, check in with them and ask how their move went. Ask if they have any questions about the community or the surrounding area that you can answer. Why not curate a survey to see if your new residents liked how your community went above and beyond for their move-in day? See what you can improve for next time and figure out what went right. 

Make move-ins easy for residents and learn about direct-to-door delivery with Fetch for new residents here

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