Overcoming the Biggest Leasing Season Challenges

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Peak leasing season can be one of the most challenging times of year for property owners and operators. High competition, time sensitivity, increased demand and staff turnover are major contributing factors to the fast pace peak leasing season brings.

Because many residents choose to relocate during the summer when weather conditions permit an easier move, ultimately Owners and Operators must handle the challenges of the increased demand. One way to combat the struggles of peak leasing season is to implement NOI generating amenities that may aid both property management and residents. Off-site package management with Fetch is a solid solution for owners and operators looking to minimize the extra work on-site staff may need to do during this season, as well as give residents the option for an easier move in process. Here’s how:

Problem: High competition

During peak leasing season, there is typically increased competition among property owners and operators to attract residents. This can make it more difficult to stand out in the market and secure leases quickly. Property owners and operators may need to invest more time and resources into marketing efforts to differentiate their properties from others.

How off-site package management can help:

By implementing a unique service based amenity, your community can stand out from local competition. Providing a solution for your residents’ package delivery needs differentiates your amenity package, and in turn may help your community secure more leases. Residents will have the opportunity to order all their packages directly to their door from the Fetch Resident app. This avoids any anxiety around porch pirates or package holding fees and even offers a “sign for delivery” option for residents who are expecting time sensitive packages. 

Problem: Increased demand 

Peak leasing season often coincides with higher demand for rental properties, as many individuals and families prefer to move during the spring and summer months. This increased demand can result in a larger volume of inquiries, showings, and applications, requiring property owners and operators to handle a higher workload and respond promptly to potential residents. On-site staff will have less time that they can allocate to daily tasks, because they are focused on securing new leases. 

How off-site package management can help:

Fetch’s delivery service for apartment residents isn’t limited to solely scheduled direct-to-door delivery, convenient oversized package delivery and package holding. Fetch also offers customer support from agents ready to assist with any package delivery issues. Residents have the option to reach out via the app, email, or by simply tweeting at Fetch. This means on-site staff completely remove the package burden from their plates. Your on-site team will then have a surplus of time to spend on showings, application processing, background checks and new resident reach outs. See how Fetch positively impacts your on-site staff here.

Problem: Time-sensitive nature

With more residents searching for properties during peak leasing season, there is often a sense of urgency among prospective renters. They may be less willing to wait or negotiate extensively, as they want to secure a desirable property quickly. Property owners and operators need to be prepared to make timely decisions and move swiftly during this period.

How off-site package management can help: 

One way off-site package management can alleviate the time sensitivity of residents moving in is by holding residents’ oversized packages at the local Fetch facility until residents are ready to move in. This means residents can begin the process of ordering furniture and other large items up to 60 days before they move in. Fetch will hold packages securely until a resident is ready for delivery. We get it, moving is challenging. But with the opportunity to have large items delivered (or held) at residents’ convenience, your residents will experience far less stress knowing their oversized packages are safe and sound waiting for delivery. 


Overall, the combination of high competition, increased demand, time sensitivity, turnover challenges, and lease negotiations make peak leasing season a demanding period for property owners and operators. It requires effective marketing, efficient operations, and excellent customer service to navigate these challenges successfully. Off-site package management with Fetch can step into each of these categories to boost a community’s value this peak leasing season. Find out more here.

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