Thinking of partnering with Fetch? Here’s how easy onboarding off-site package management is

Onboarding with fetch for a simple off-site package management process

So you’re thinking about partnering with Fetch but you’re not quite sure how the transition from your current package system to off-site package management works? We’ve got you covered! 

 Making any notable changes to operational efficiencies can be difficult for your on-site teams and residents to grapple, that’s why we value transparency throughout onboarding. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the onboarding process so that new partnerships are in for a smooth transition when they’re ready to bring in Fetch.

Here’s 3 ways we help make onboarding Fetch at your community easy-breezy: 

WE TRAIN: on-site teams are trained by Fetch account managers 

We start off by welcoming new on-site teams and give them training on all things partnering with Fetch. From the launch date all the way to the end of your first 30 days with Fetch, we take on-site teams step-by-step of what to expect. We  make the first 30 days of using Fetch as easy as possible for your team, so they can focus on their residents and the needs of the community rather than managing packages.

WE PROVIDE: we give on-site teams the tools they need for all resident communication 

Our team thrives on communication and solving problems. We know that in order to be successful in any community, we need to produce and deliver the necessary tools for on-site teams to distribute all the information residents need to know about your community’s new service amenity. No need for on-site teams to take notes and curate in their own words what direct-to-door package delivery is– we assist on-site teams with messaging for the entire community! Not only are our clients given a comprehensive list of digital collateral for the community, but everything is stored away for easy access in our client portal. This means on-site teams will always have access to any community collateral pieces should they need extras OR any Fetch resources on hand at any time. 

WE CHECK-IN: weekly check ins with on site teams

While rolling out Fetch,  we check-in weekly with on-site teams during the onboarding cycle and provide Fetch “health reports”. You can see what percentage of your residents have already signed up using their unique Fetch code, how many packages we’ve delivered, and how many residents still may need to register. With this information, we are able to keep you up to date on how frequently you might want to remind residents to get registered before launching. After launching, we provide monthly health reports for on-site teams and property managers to assess, and as always we are here to answer any questions. 

All in all, we want to make onboarding off-site package management in  your community a seamless process and know what changes to expect. If you have any questions or are ready to request a quote, check this out.

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