The Opportunity Ahead


The opportunity ahead for fetch

Last week we were thrilled to announce our $10.5M Series A raise led by Signal Peak Ventures. This funding will allow us to continue our rapid expansion, focus intently on our current partners and onboard new partners in some of the fastest-growing multifamily markets in the country. In addition to all of the major Texas markets, you can now find Fetch in Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, and Chicago. Upcoming market launches include Charlotte, Portland, and DC to round out this year’s expansion.  

While having a chance to reflect on our progress, I am struck with one thought: we have a once in a lifetime opportunity ahead of us.

I looked back at my blog post from April where I was impressed by the fact that we had 50 employees – that number has now grown to 140.  We continue to build an exceptional, customer-centric team that I look forward to working alongside every day.

How far we’ve come

With every month that passes, I feel more and more grateful for this opportunity. There were so many opportunistic and seemingly random events that led me to found Fetch, and after that a multitude of “right place, right time” moments coupled with the hard work of our team that have brought us to this point. On one of my recent flights out of Dallas, the plane went directly over our first warehouse location in the Design District – I sat there and was deeply moved by how far we’ve come.

I feel indebted to our team and our partners and am ready to tackle the opportunity ahead. We all realize the difference we’re making for our property management partners and their residents and it manifests itself in the form of sales, growth, and happy customers. We’ve never lost a client, and that’s the standard we’ll set for ourselves for years to come. We all feel a great deal of responsibility to uphold the same level of phenomenal service our clients have come to know in all markets – new and old.

As we look forward, I realize we’ve only just begun. By the end of the year, we’ll be in 14 markets across the country, with another 30 in our sights.  We get frequent inbound requests from all over the country, from LA to Kansas City to Miami. Who else has the opportunity to build out such a crucial piece of the last-mile supply chain? Our commitment to quality puts us at the forefront of solving a crucial problem for our partners and our dedicated team keeps us there. Admittedly I’m typically more conservative and guarded in my excitement, but I can’t help but feel that we’re truly making history at Fetch. We didn’t come this far to only come this far…

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