A letter from our CEO

Reflecting on end of year by walking the Fetch warehouse and welcoming 2022

Fetch Fans,

The end of a year and the start of another seems to inspire us to reflect naturally. It’s typically filled with wrapping up projects while wrapping (and delivering) presents, planning initiatives for the coming year, and reflecting on personal, team members’ and company-wide accomplishments.

If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that human interaction and connection is invaluable to us all. I am constantly blown away by the efforts of the multifamily industry to adapt to residents’ and on-site teams’ needs, to show up for one another, and to act as a resource for anyone who needs one. That’s what makes me so proud of the partnerships Fetch has with industry leaders like Greystar, Lincoln, Bozzuto, and many others that have allowed us to change the package delivery experience for over 240,000 apartment homes. 

I’m also incredibly proud of what makes us unique at Fetch. We are a group of ‘people taking care of people’ that have a relentless commitment to delighting our customers, while showing genuine care for one another. I speak for all of us at Fetch when I say, we’re so grateful for a record shattering year! Over the course of 2021, we welcomed 105,000 new apartment homes, raised 60M in capital, grew our Fetch team to 450+ employees, and we recently hit our 10 millionth package delivered right before Christmas! We achieved all these milestones while persevering through a “unique” supply chain and an ever-evolving labor market.

While we’re looking forward to a new year with even more progress and records broken, our mission continues to stay the same, building a service that solves the package problem for our property management clients and makes residents’ lives easier.

May 2022 bring you and your company success, connection and package free leasing offices

Thank you,

Michael Patton

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