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There are endless needs that technology can fill. Startups pop up continuously to address those needs, whether they are providing workflow and fintech solutions for companies, improving access to healthcare or even revolutionizing grief.

Austin is a hotspot for startups, and tech news website ZDNet referred to it as a “mini Silicon Valley” for the southwest. CompTIA reported that Austin’s tech industry currently employs over 175,000 people, and that number will only grow as companies recognize Austin’s value as a headquarters.

To further highlight the innovative new tech companies addressing particular needs, Built In Austin curated a list of 22 of the city’s startups to watch in 2022.

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Reducing operating costs has always been a top priority for property managers and building operators. A proven way to do this is to focus on resident retention. A survey by Avail showed that when residents renew their leases, landlords can save up to $2,500 that would otherwise be allocated toward finding new renters and making updates to units for rent.
"We needed a package management solution that first and foremost improves the resident experience, and also lifts package responsibilities from our team members' shoulders," said Mark-Taylor President John Carlson. "Fetch is the best solution to support our team members while offering residents package delivery service catered to their personal schedules and needs. At Mark-Taylor, we are excited to experience the unique benefits that Fetch will bring to our communities."
fetch grows alongside multifamily package volume
Off-site, direct-to-door package management solution keeps pace with e-commerce trends.