Creating a sense of community at your multifamily property

apartment holidays season curating a sense of community at multifamily property

We know how important it is to cultivate a powerful sense of community, especially during the holiday season. With the season of celebration is right around the corner, there’s no better time to start or grow your community than now! You may be wondering how an effective package management solution can help foster an amazing sense of community at your multifamily property. We’re here to tell you, it’s the little things you do that make the sense of community you provide stronger.  Here’s how package management with Fetch can help make it happen 👉

On-site team time is freed up

By simply eliminating the package pileup at your community, your on-site team automatically recoups time to spend with residents. Your team members have more time allocated toward planning community events, sending special holiday outreach and completing overall preparation for the holiday season. Naturally, with more time for on-site teams to focus on residents (not just resident packages) on-site teams can nurture a sense of community. 

Your residents’ events just got better

Around the holidays, it’s no secret that residents like to rent out common areas for holiday parties and get togethers. As your community will likely experience a high volume of visitors coming for special events, it’s almost a given that your residents want their apartment and the whole property to look and feel like home. When resident packages are clogging up entryways, scattered in front of lockers or there’s a line out the leasing office of residents picking up packages, it becomes increasingly difficult for your residents to enjoy special nights with their guests. A package solution that strictly delivers resident packages to residents’ doors at their convenience eliminates the stress some hosts may feel on the day of their soiree. When community common areas are kept up, residents feel the community caring for their space and time with their friends and family. 

Fear of theft around the holidays melts like snow

This time of year your residents are busy ordering and shipping gifts. Sending and receiving gifts should be the least stressful part of the season but, due to porch pirates intercepting special deliveries, it can make the holidays more trying. When your community uses direct-to-door delivery, all of those special packages go straight to the doors of your residents. This means residents get to spend the season of gift giving completely worry-free, knowing that their packages are either contained in a secure facility off-site or will be arriving on their doorstep at their convenience. This helps residents gain a sense of trust in the community, knowing that their property takes measures to ensure holiday package delivery success!

Fetch delivery drivers #DeliverValue

At this point in the year, Fetch delivery drivers are your community’s personal Santa Claus. Dropping off gifts and delivering value are our delivery drivers’ expertise. Just like Santa, they know the ins and outs of navigating your community and getting all deliveries to your residents’ doors. Having the same Fetch delivery drivers at your community during the holidays is valuable, and enables your residents to identify their friendly faces and make new connections. 

We know it’s hard to merely imagine the impact a package management solution can have on your community during the holidays, which is why we want to remind you that much like Santa’s elves, we’re here to help. Reach out to one of our sales reps, here, to get all the off-site package delivery info you need to better understand the full effect of being a Fetch community during the holidays.

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