Benefits of having dedicated personnel to manage one aspect of the resident experience

having dedicated multifamily personnel to manage specific aspects of the resdient experience in your community and package management is covered by fetch

It’s a no-brainer for multifamily professionals that having dedicated people to manage specific areas of the resident experience is extremely beneficial. According to Stephen Baker of Multifamily Insiders, this is a new phenomenon in multifamily, and one that has become very important in everyday operations management. 

In a poll conducted by Multifamily Insiders, 94% of respondents said they have team members dedicated to managing one specific area of the resident experience, while the other 6% reported combining roles within their company. Leasing, maintenance, vendor management, and so many more aspects of on-site teams can get jumbled into the same role. 

One area that can often be overlooked, is the handling of resident packages and deliveries. A few major tactics property management companies tend to implement when it comes to receiving a large delivery volume daily, are: 

  1. Leaving resident packages and deliveries for an on-site team member to manage.
  2. Utilizing self-serve lockers and package rooms for residents to access themselves. 
  3. Adopting off-site package management, leaving residents to schedule packages directly to their door at a time right for their schedule. 

Today, community residents heavily rely on e-commerce shopping when it comes to getting anything from medicine to school supplies delivered. What does this mean for communities? 

  • Typically, one person on the on-site team dealing with resident deliveries simply isn’t enough. Likewise, if a community’s entire team is working through getting packages to residents, on-site teams lose too much time in their day and may neglect what they were hired to do for the community in the first place. This is a lose-lose situation for both property managers and on-site teams, as on-site team members are the backbone of the community. ________________________________________________________________________________
  • Self-serve package lockers and rooms can be a hassle for residents as packages are often misplaced, and entire rooms fill up over the course of the day. With no dedicated personnel to assist residents when package rooms are completely full or packages are misplaced, on-site teams are left to do the grunt work of sorting and searching, which detracts from their workday. ________________________________________________________________________________
  • By using off-site package management with Fetch, community residents have the opportunity to utilize Fetch’s dedicated customer service team rather than turning toward on-site members to figure out any package problems. Communities completely remove any package liability from their on-site teams or property managers with Fetch, whose customer support team is available every day of the week.

Property management groups across the country are turning toward off-site package management to better run the resident package delivery experience. As a service amenity for multifamily communities, Fetch provides a luxury delivery experience that package lockers, rooms and on-site leasing teams can’t match without sacrificing other services. A community with 350 units will save an average of seven hours per day for on-site team members who previously carried this weight alone. More than 96% of property managers delegate specific components of operations to individual personnel. Using Fetch as an extension of the on-site team and delegating package management to Fetch enables on-site team members to maintain their focus on other areas of the resident experience, boost resident satisfaction ratings and improve operational efficiencies. 

Make package management with Fetch part of your community’s dedicated personnel to handle one aspect of the resident experience. Get in touch with us here.

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