Delivery Partner Spotlight: Meet Ricardo

ricardo, a fetch driver at the warehouse

Meet Ricardo, a film student at DePaul University and Marine Veteran…

When Ricardo Bustos left the Marine Corps reserves and began pursuing his bachelor’s degree in film and television at DePaul University in Chicago, he needed to find part-time work that fit his busy schedule. 

With a warehousing background, he sought courier jobs but either found the commute and hours unflexible or encountered other logistical conflicts. Because DePaul operates on a quarterly basis, he took the winter session off in 2021, and found his way to partner with Fetch.

“I was going to school, but I also had bills to pay,” Bustos recalls. “I was glad to find Fetch because some of the systems I was working with in other companies weren’t flexible, or they were just located too far away. I saw Fetch as a great opportunity because it worked with my schedule. Having been in the military, I’m used to having to be somewhere at a certain time, look and dress a certain way. The flexibility of Fetch was what first attracted me to the gig, but it also fit the kind of routine I was used to.”

Bustos, who is wrapping up his degree this year, still partners with  Fetch. While enrolled in classes, he picks up delivery blocks as a delivery partner that fit with his courses but still allows him to achieve at least 20 hours of work each week. He occasionally takes a quarter off from school and ramps up to at least 40 hours a week for 10-12 weeks and saves some money. 

“The scheduling process with Fetch is really easy. When I’m in school, if I have a night class I avoid the 6-9 p.m. block, or sometimes even two blocks if they conflict with my classes,” Bustos said. “But something is always better than nothing, so if I can even hit just 20 hours per week that helps. Sometimes, I was able to hit 30 hours per week during school, which was a pretty full schedule.”

Bustos said the Fetch process for delivery partners is easy to adopt. He simply goes in for each block, sorts and scans his packages, and embarks on his route.

“I had a warehousing background, so I picked it up pretty quickly, but the warehouse managers have always been great partners with me and have always been supportive of my business,” Bustos said. “Plus, we have Driver Support, which I like to use to solve any issues while delivering at my properties. Honestly, the hardest part was finding parking downtown.”

Bustos said the customers — from apartment community teams to individual residents — are always glad to see him and have their packages delivered directly.

“People are really happy and enthusiastic about me arriving with their packages, especially those special packages that require a signature,” Bustos said. “It’s a good experience, and you meet so many people along the way. I’m treated really well by the communities and the residents, and it’s a good opportunity to network if you use it correctly.”


As a delivery partner who maintains a high level of service for his deliveries, Bustos has qualified for the preferred driver program, which means he receives priority status and additional perks and rewards. 

“They know I’m always going to be there when I pick up a block, I’m going to show up and get the job done,” Bustos said. “But it’s competitive. Delivery partners want to stay on the preferred program so they can maintain those benefits.”

Partnering with Fetch has not only accommodated Bustos’ school schedule but allows him to maintain a positive work/school/life balance.

Ricardo at the fetch facility

“Last summer, I played baseball in an adult baseball league on Sunday mornings or afternoons, and I’m really glad I’m able to fit that into my schedule,” Bustos said. “It’s something I love to do, and something else I’ve always had a passion for that I’m grateful to be able to continue.”

Given the earning potential and flexibility of becoming a delivery partner, Bustos wouldn’t hesitate to recommend partnering with Fetch to fellow students or former military personnel.  

“I know a lot of military vets who are built similarly to myself. They’re used to being independent but sticking to a schedule,” Bustos said. “When a lot of guys get out of the military, they want to pursue their education like me, and it’s a great opportunity to work around their school schedule. I would definitely recommend Fetch to anyone who needs that kind of flexibility.”

To learn more about driving with Fetch, check this out.

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