Fetch Expands Nationally – Multifamily Package Solution for Both Staff and Residents


Multifamily Package Solution for Both Staff and Residents

Multifamily apartment communities are feeling the pressure of the explosive growth of e-commerce. To meet the needs of today’s residents, apartment communities have been going above and beyond to help accommodate the abundance of deliveries. Residents have high expectations of the retailers they shop from that they will receive speedy deliveries and the communities are struggling to keep up. Luckily there is now a better solution to the delivery dilemma for community managers. 

Hello, we’re Fetch.

We are an Austin-based, VC-backed, last-mile package delivery startup and we’re solving this package crush and delighting residents along the way. Founded in 2016 by Michael Patton, we’ve been aligning with the largest multifamily groups in the country and recently expanded out of Texas and into 10 additional markets (Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago,  Denver, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Tampa, Washington D.C.). The company is quickly expanding nationally, solving a problem that has communities jumping for joy; relieving them of the day-to-day activities of dealing with packages of all shapes and sizes that are flooding their communities. Our community-wide amenity has removed the property from dealing with all packages entirely. Our couriers handle all direct-to-door deliveries and coordinate directly with the resident via our convenient app in order to seamlessly deliver packages on the resident’s schedule. This includes all packages as well as furniture, food subscription services, and much more.

The average community with 400 apartments receives about 125 resident deliveries per day. (We recorded the most deliveries to a single resident in one week at 127 packages!) This astounding number, over a month, creates an incredible workload for community management team members and is a hurdle for many new developments to consider as they begin designing future properties. Fetch removes the need for properties to utilize dedicated staff to manage the package influx, install costly lockers or rooms that are not scalable while giving properties the allocated space back. Not only does Fetch make a significant impact on the community, it’s a welcomed and appreciated added amenity for residents. 

So, how does Fetch work?

  1. Fetch has warehouse spaces in each market and alignments with all carriers, which allows for early delivery each morning instead of deliveries throughout the day to the apartment communities. (UPS and Amazon drivers enjoy the perk of dropping off 10 communities worth of packages first thing in the morning to one location.) Residents are given this warehouse address to use as their shipping address for all packages and deliveries.
  2. Residents are notified the moment their packages arrive and they can coordinate a convenient 2-hour delivery time (up until 11PM) directly through the Fetch app or by calling the friendly customer service team. If a change to the 2-hour delivery window is needed, the resident can text or notify the Fetch team via the app and it will be adjusted in real-time.
  3. Fetch couriers make deliveries right to residents’ doors. 

When a new resident signs a lease, they can immediately begin using Fetch to order all their new furniture and other items for their apartment and Fetch couriers will deliver everything as they’re moving in. Our clients find that this is an invaluable first-touch amenity that delights their communities at large.  

Fetch is currently delivering to more than 40,000 units and will add another 130 communities by the end of 2019. As the demand for Fetch’s services grows, we will continue to expand throughout the country. 

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