Fetch has an incredible culture.

Fetch Sales and Marketing Team

What does it mean when someone says their company has a great culture?

I’m not sure I really knew until I joined Fetch.

Last week we had a sales and marketing retreat where we had the first opportunity to have the entire team in one location, our headquarters in Austin, TX. Of course, we had an agenda and a lot of work to do but one of the things I was most excited about was the opportunity we had to create real-life bonds between our employees. And this is where I was really blown away.

Here are the top 7 reasons, I know the culture at Fetch is beyond special.

The Company

  1. The amount of respect that each person not only demonstrates but genuinely holds for each other employee is incredible. It doesn’t feel forced or unnatural in any way, it just happens on every level at the company.
  2. The excitement is infectious. Camaraderie and fun-activities aside, this group of people has the most amazing motivation! They see the potential and you can literally feel the buzz it generates among the group. We all have a clear understanding of the opportunity ahead and are committed to making it happen.
  3. Our founder and CEO, Michael Patton, may have just been listed on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. This man has vision and leadership that is not only beyond his years, but is relatable, attainable and inspirational. He took time to not only engage deeply with the team last week but to recognize those who have been such a tremendous influence on the success of the business. Making each person feel appreciated and special.

The Team

  1. As with any startup, a lot of the team at the retreat joined the company in 2019. But you would never know that the majority of them are new based on their depth of knowledge and impact on the business. We like to joke that at Fetch – we use dog years because the learning is so rapid and we all feel like we’ve been here a lot longer. Similarly, we love to hire people with diverse backgrounds, it’s phenomenal to see what can happen when everyone comes together to share their unique experiences to help solve and plan for what’s ahead.
  2. Our customers are delighted! We were able to swap some very impactful customer stories and we really spend the time to listen to what they share. Our account services and resident support teams are among the most empathetic and caring people I’ve met. If there is something that goes wrong, they really feel it and immediately go into repair mode. We are all aware that not every problem can be solved but are adamant that we will always do our absolute best and that usually means going above and beyond.
  3. Our leadership team is not only completely committed to creating the best products and services possible but to also create an epic work environment. Ok, ok if you’ve been to our Austin-based headquarters, you may not have been blown away by the humble house we office out of but spend 5 minutes with any person on the team and you’ll get it.

The Culture

  1. The “love” and appreciation are legit. I have never heard people talk about loving their job and coworkers more than what I heard this past week. In fact, it became incredibly common to start a conversation with – I love you! Fetch is special and not because we’ve created the best product or services ever invented, but because we’ve successfully created a culture that breeds positivity and joy and motivates people to provide the absolute best no matter what their role is.

We’re Growing Fast

The future is bright for Fetch and we’re growing like crazy. If this seems like the type of environment that will inspire greatness from you, we’d love to hear from you.

A look inside of Fetch

Here’s a little taste of last week’s fun.

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