The Role Off-site Package Management Plays in Multifamily Centralization

how off-site multifamily package management plays a crucial role in portfolio centralization

Off-site package management plays a crucial role in multifamily centralization by providing a streamlined and efficient solution for handling the large volume of packages delivered to a central location in multifamily communities. As more people choose to reside in apartment buildings, the volume of packages being delivered to these properties has increased significantly. This surge in package deliveries poses several challenges for property managers, residents, and the overall organization of the community.

Here’s how off-site package management addresses these challenges and plays a key role in multifamily centralization:

Centralized Package Handling

Off-site package management involves designating a separate location away from the multifamily property to receive and store packages on behalf of the residents. This centralized approach ensures that all incoming resident packages are routed to a single point, making it easier to manage and track deliveries efficiently.

Enhanced Security

Centralized package management facilities are equipped with advanced security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and package tracking software. This helps to minimize package theft and ensures that packages are securely stored at the local Fetch warehouse until they are scheduled for delivery in the Fetch Resident app.

Notification Systems

Off-site package management offers sophisticated notification systems in the Fetch Resident app that inform residents when their package arrives at the off-site facility and is ready to be scheduled to be delivered. 

Space Optimization

Community space is limited, and property owners don’t want to use up valuable square footage on package rooms or lockers. Off-site package management helps optimize the use of space within the building, reducing clutter and potential hazards in common areas.

Reduced Delivery Traffic

By centralizing package deliveries to a designated off-site location, there is less congestion and disruption caused by delivery vehicles in the multifamily building’s vicinity. This can lead to improved traffic flow and a safer environment for residents.

Flexibility and Scalability 

Off-site package management services can be tailored to the specific needs of the community. As the number of residents or packages grows, the service based amenity for community residents can scale accordingly, ensuring continued efficiency in package handling.


Off-site package management is a key component of multifamily centralization, providing a comprehensive solution for handling the growing volume of packages and contributing to a more organized, secure, and resident-friendly living environment.

Get our full guide on centralizing multifamily operations and increasing NOI through off-site package management here.

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