Fetch is moving into 4 new cities

Fetch warehouse worker opening garage and working with package deliveries

Exciting growth is on the horizon! Fetch is moving into four new markets: Minneapolis, Miami, Palm Beach and Nashville… talk about a quadruple threat! We are ecstatic to give a warm welcome to these new cities.

Well, not necessarily a warm welcome to Minneapolis, being that it has the coldest average temperature of any metropolitan area in the nation. Nonetheless, Mike Schmitt, a Fetch Regional Sales manager who oversees the Minneapolis market is enthusiastic about what’s to come with this cool city (no pun intended). 

I think one of the most exciting things about launching Minneapolis is that Minneapolis is home to Target and Best Buy, two of the top 10 e-commerce retailers in the country. Bringing Fetch to Minneapolis will allow the employees and customers of these great companies to experience what a more efficient and convenient last mile delivery experience is like.”

Knowing the residents, owners, and operations in the Twin Cities, Schmitt believes Minneapolis will greatly benefit from Fetch’s direct-to-door package delivery service. 

“Ultimately, while all cities are in need of package management help, Minneapolis is uniquely positioned to benefit from direct-to-door package delivery through Fetch. Whether it is our newer urban infill projects Downtown, or our great suburban communities and neighborhoods, we are excited to bring a better package solution to all multifamily operators and residents in the Twin Cities.”

Contrary to Minneapolis’ brisk weather, it’s only snowed once in South Florida’s history. Amber Hammond, a Regional Sales Manager oversees Florida and has three reasons to love The Magic City and The Island: 

  1. “Palm Beach and Miami will be the fifth and sixth markets to open Fetch in Florida,” said Hammond. Fetch was first introduced to the state of Florida as the multifamily industry’s first and only direct-to-door package amenity in Tampa in July of 2019. Since 2019 our footprint has grown and we now deliver residents packages in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, and soon…MIAMI & Palm Beach! ???? 
  2. South Florida is also home to Amber’s favorite show, the Golden Girls. “Most industry folks and friends that know me, know I love this and would probably laugh.” 
  3. The Miami Metro is the first major city to be founded by women. “This is important, as women play a major role in our industry,” said Hammond. 

As the Florida market continues to open for Fetch and expand across the state, Hammond took a quote from her favorite show, “thank you for being a friend, Miami.” 

While Minneapolis and South Florida have their own unique charms, Nashville certainly doesn’t fall short. This growing city is actually home to where the first service dog came to the United States back in 1928. Elated to debut Fetch’s service in this legendary city, Rudy is ready to make their way down to this market. Julie Elkins, National Sales Manager who oversees the Nashville market, has a positive outlook on how multifamily is transforming.

“Nashville has a special vibe. This city has grown exponentially in the last several years, with people from all over the country flocking here to be a part of it. Because of that, multifamily is evolving and flourishing! I’m so excited to launch Fetch in Nashville to contribute to the next-level customer service experience that our clients are providing for their residents.”

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