Is your multifamily tech stack helping generate more leases?

how multifamily tech stack helps to generate more leases for property managers

By adopting and effectively utilizing innovative technology, property owners and operators can streamline their leasing processes, enhance the resident experience, and attract more leases. Moreover, your community’s tech stack just might be the deciding factor in why a resident chooses to rent at your community over the competition. In recent years it’s become increasingly important to consider the available tech solutions that align with your community and resident’s goals. Here are three easy ways that your multifamily tech stack can help set your community apart from local competitors:


  • Resident communication tools

Both residents and on-site teams need an effective way to maintain communication. Your residents don’t want to search through the property management group website or sift through old emails to get in contact for a maintenance issue. Residents are looking for communities that are responsive and easy to stay in touch with. Additionally, on-site teams shouldn’t need to spend time sorting through emails, leasing office drop-ins or phone calls in order to assist residents, they need a tool that can manage all resident communication.

That’s why tools like Knock’s CRM system and Appfolio are on the rise. Not only do they increase resident satisfaction, but on-site teams (and even maintenance teams) may benefit equally from having the ability to streamline the entire leasing-to-resident process. Keeping communication between your on-site teams and residents manageable has never been more crucial for community satisfaction rates, and utilizing tech tools like these can make all the difference.


  • 3D tours and visualization

3D tours provide a realistic and immersive experience for potential residents, allowing them to virtually explore your property from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for out-of-town or international residents who may not have the opportunity to visit the community in person. It saves time and resources for both the on-site teams and the prospective resident. 3D tours will give your community a competitive advantage in a saturated rental market. By offering a virtual tour option, your community can attract more interested residents, especially tech-savvy individuals who value convenience and efficiency. 3D tours differentiate your community’s units from others that may only have static images or traditional video tours. Plus, conducting in-person property tours can be time-consuming and costly for on-site team members and prospective residents– especially if multiple tours are required for different renters. With 3D tours, property managers can minimize the number of physical tours needed, focusing only on serious, highly interested residents, thus optimizing your time and resources.


  • Service based tech amenities 

Service-based apps offer personalized features tailored to the needs and preferences of individual residents. They can set preferences for notifications, choose specific services or amenities they are interested in, and receive recommendations or offers based on their usage patterns. This customization creates a more personalized and engaging experience for residents. Fetch, a third party off-site package service for apartment residents, does just that: provides convenience to residents by offering a centralized platform where they can access and control all their package deliveries they receive to their community. By offering a unique service based app amenity, value is added to the resident experience. Your on-site teams no longer have any liability for any deliveries arriving at your community, and residents gain full control when their packages get delivered directly to their door! 

Your multifamily tech stack doesn’t just serve residents. On-site teams should equally benefit from the technology you offer to potential renters. Maximizing what tech you choose to bring into the community positively impacts resident satisfaction and on-site retention, so choose wisely!

Want to know more about how off-site package management works to drive NOI? Check this out.

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