These multifamily time-savers should be on every property manager’s wishlist

What is on every property managers wishlist? Considering what to put on a property manager wishlist is daunting but helpful time savers are property owners, operators and on-site teams best friend this holiday season.

As a property manager, your holiday wishlist is likely pretty unique. Maybe you’re in dire need of a new Yeti with your community logo on it, or maybe you’re dreaming of something to improve your community’s day-to-day operations and timeliness. Considering what to put on your property wishlist in 2022 can be daunting since there are countless options for improving operational efficiency out there, that’s why we created a wishlist of what we believe to be the most valuable gifts for any property manager, the most important being the gift of time. Reclaim your time, your on-site team’s time and your residents’ time with our guide to multifamily time savers (and a Yeti with your community logo, because seriously, who doesn’t want that?).

Resident screening software

How long is the screening process for prospective residents at your community? Screening potential residents can sometimes be a painstakingly tedious process, and may even lose you great residents if it takes too long. With the right tools, keeping the new resident screening time to a minimum is easy. Buildium is a property management software created to speed up that process and manage your community’s assets. By using a software like Buildium, you have access to eLeases and a premium resident screening service among maintenance request order management, community accounting and even rental listing advertising. This software can help property managers and on-site teams keep track of the entire prospect funneling process from advertising vacancies to getting an eLease signed in no time, making it a major time saver for communities. 

Off-site package management 

On-site staff spend countless hours handling resident packages. From accepting them, sorting them or delivering them during office hours, on-site team members are spending more time than they should on resident deliveries. Even when communities have a package system in place, (lockers, a package room, etc.) on-site teams are often still left to assist residents in finding packages and sorting through them. Off-site package management though Fetch takes package management off of community plates entirely. As a third-party service designed to be a helping hand to community on-site staff, off-site package management takes over every aspect of the delivery process, from customer service to package scheduling for residents. At a community with 350 units, off-site package management will save on-site teams an average of 7 hours per day or 2,661 hours per year,  and also eliminates the cost and hassle of finding and installing a package solution that holds up as e-commerce continues to grow. Off-site package management is the only scalable solution on the market. Packages are delivered to warehouses off-site, ready to be delivered anytime at residents’ convenience. Fetch is a must on the wishlist for communities that are feeling overwhelmed by delivery volume and on-site teams that are spending too much of their day retrieving resident packages. 

Automated resident tour scheduling

Scheduling tours is already tricky, but especially with holidays coming up. Schedules are always fluctuating between prospective residents and with your on-site team taking time off for the holidays. Having those tours on the calendar and scheduled at the convenience of both your on-site team and prospective residents is key. Software like Anyone Home is on every property manager’s side when it comes to leasing tours. Anyone Home’s tour scheduler manages the whole touring process for any kind of resident tour, from in person to self-guided tours. This means right from the get-go, when a resident expresses interest in leasing with your community, Anyone Home provides inquiry details directly to your community, schedules tours and even initiates lead follow-up. This time saver is huge for your on-site teams, but don’t worry, they’re still very much in the know with Anyone Home’s speedy and efficient touring process. 

A Yeti with your community logo on it

Okay, so not a time saver. But definitely deserves a spot on the wishlist this year! So, how do you tell your property management group or property owner that you want one without telling them? Just pass this article along! 

As 2022 is coming to a close, we wish you  the best! 

-From your friends at Fetch! ✨

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