Popular Smart Amenities for Apartments: Boosting Profit & Satisfaction in 2024


The multifamily housing industry is seeing a surge of innovation with the entry of smart technology, changing the landscape of property management. Now more than ever, property managers have an opportunity to leverage smart amenities to increase resident satisfaction, improve efficiency, and boost profitability.

Smart Amenities for Resident Comfort and Convenience

Embracing the wave of digitization, modern apartment owners are integrating smart technology into their amenities for an elevated resident lifestyle. These digital amenities streamline daily activities and make living more comfortable and convenient. 

Consider the world of smart appliances. From fridges to dishwashers and washing machines, these devices simplify tasks and automatically send maintenance alerts or order replacement supplies automatically. The power of automation extends to the grocery list, where a smart fridge could alert residents to restock essentials like milk when supplies run low or to washing machines that can schedule maintenance and repairs when needed. This technology significantly reduces manual tracking and inconvenience for residents.

Smart Thermostat by Ecobee

Similarly, comfort and control are enhanced with the advent of smart lighting and thermostats. Residents can tailor their apartment environment to their liking, adjusting lighting or temperature with just a few taps on their phone. Think Ecobee, but for apartments. These smart features offer a level of energy efficiency that is not only eco-friendly but can also lead to savings on utility bills.

Security, too, is digitally streamlined with smart locks like Schlage Control® or Level M. These innovative systems allow residents to manage access to their apartments remotely, allowing guests or service providers entry even when they’re away and eliminating the need for traditional key handovers.

Reliable internet connectivity is as critical as other utilities in this digital age. With managed WiFi solutions like Aerwave, residents are guaranteed a secure and steady connection. These networks are robust and professionally maintained, providing an uninterrupted online experience for residents.

Lastly, look at a smart parking solution like ParqEx, a boon for communities with limited parking space. This technology efficiently manages parking allocation, guiding residents to available spots and eliminating the time and stress of searching for parking. 

Incorporating smart technology into apartment amenities offers residents a new level of convenience and control. These digital solutions streamline everyday tasks, enhance comfort, and provide a more satisfying living experience.

Security and Safety: The Role of Smart Technology

In a multifamily setting, ensuring a secure and safe environment goes beyond convenience; it’s absolutely essential. Emerging smart technologies have become pivotal in fortifying community safety and security measures. 

In the realm of digital protection, smart locks have made traditional keys a thing of the past. These modern systems offer residents the convenience of managing their apartment access remotely. Imagine the freedom to grant or revoke entry permissions to guests or service providers, even when you’re not at home. This increases the safety quotient and raises residents’ confidence in the overall security framework.

In complement to smart locks, video surveillance systems have also proven to be effective security solutions. With real-time monitoring and alerts, these systems act as a deterrent to potential criminal activities. They provide an additional layer of security, reassuring residents and property managers alike.

But safety isn’t confined simply to deterring unauthorized access or potential crimes. It’s also about preempting and averting damages that could occur within apartments. That’s where new smart solutions, such as water leak detection systems like the Noah leak sensor by Kairos Water, come in handy. These nifty devices can pick up early signs of leaks, alerting property managers to address the issue promptly. With the capacity to prevent significant damages, these systems offer a valuable shield against potential repair costs and inconvenience for residents.

The role of smart technology in ensuring security and safety in a multifamily environment is undeniable. By integrating these digital solutions, property managers can foster a safer and more secure community, ultimately contributing to resident satisfaction and retention.

Enhancing Resident Engagement and Communication With Smart Amenities

In the landscape of modern apartments, the role of smart technology isn’t limited to providing comfort and safety alone. It also acts as a potent catalyst in fostering a dynamic community and enhancing communication among its members. With the aid of advanced community platforms like Entrata, leveraging smart technology to plan communal events becomes a breeze. Such platforms are also instrumental in promoting local businesses and facilitating more substantial resident interactions.

Apartment renter checking her phone for notifications from the community.These intelligent platforms serve as an efficient communication channel between residents and property management. They streamline reporting maintenance issues, rent payments, and the dissemination of community updates, enabling faster response times and increasing resident satisfaction.

Furthermore, the application of smart amenities noticeably increases residents’ engagement. Adding these innovative technologies fosters a sense of belonging within the community, paving the way for stronger interpersonal connections. Robust engagement and improved communication significantly contribute to a vibrant, cohesive community, directly impacting residents’ desire to extend their leases, thus increasing retention rates.

Incorporating smart technology into community engagement initiatives establishes an efficient and transparent communication channel between residents and property managers, which builds loyalty and trust. The integration of smart amenities, therefore, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall resident experience and increasing satisfaction levels.

The Financial Impact: Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

Infusing smart amenities into multifamily properties is invaluable for property managers looking to amplify their financial performance. This progressive move can lead to substantial gains in revenue and a notable reduction in operational expenses, ultimately bolstering the property’s Net Operating Income (NOI).

The ability to command higher rent rates is at the core of this financial impact. With residents increasingly valuing the convenience, safety, and community-enhancing benefits of smart technology, they are more willing to invest in properties that deliver these attributes. This shift opens the door for property managers to set rental rates that reflect the elevated living experience, leading to a direct uplift in revenue.

Simultaneously, these smart amenities pave the way for proactive maintenance, resulting in substantial cost savings. For instance, the early detection capabilities of smart appliances and water leak detection systems allow for prompt maintenance action. This preemptive approach significantly mitigates the risk of costly repairs and replacements.

Additionally, there is compelling evidence that smart amenities play a decisive and critical role in resident renewals. Data from recent surveys indicate a strong correlation between the presence of smart home amenities and residents’ likelihood to move or renew a lease. According to a Quext Smart Home Technology Trends survey, 82% say they would feel more positively if the technologies were more widely available. NMHC’s 2021 study, “The Impact of Smart Apartments on Resident Satisfaction and Retention,” surveyed apartment residents and found that those living in smart apartments were more likely to be satisfied with their living experience and renew their leases.

This insight underscores the connection between resident satisfaction — enhanced by smart technology — and the property’s financial performance. The higher the satisfaction levels, the stronger the propensity for lease renewals, which translates into secure, long-term revenue streams for the property.

In this digital transformation era, it’s evident that integrating smart technology can positively impact a property’s financial standing. The simultaneous boost in revenue, expense reduction, and resident loyalty reinforcement make this a winning strategy for any forward-thinking property manager.

Overcoming C-suite Concerns: Contractual Flexibility and Reduced Liability

In the world of multifamily property management, it’s understandable that C-suite leaders may have valid reservations regarding potential liabilities and long-term contract commitments tied to incorporating smart technology. However, it’s important to note that these concerns can be effectively addressed and the associated risks minimized.

For starters, not all smart technology offerings come with stringent contractual obligations. In fact, many providers understand the dynamic nature of the property management industry and offer flexible contract options to meet varying business needs. This adaptability alleviates the anxiety of being bound to long-term agreements, providing the much-needed contractual flexibility that C-suite leaders desire.

Moreover, the incorporation of smart technology can play a significant role in reducing potential liabilities. For instance, take the hassle associated with onsite package management. In today’s world, where online shopping has become the norm, the sheer volume of package deliveries can be overwhelming and fraught with theft or damage, creating a potential liability for property managers. Smart solutions such as offsite package management services like Fetch can be a game-changer. Property managers can sidestep these concerns by shifting package handling and storage offsite, thereby reducing liability and enhancing resident satisfaction.

smart amenities

In essence, while the apprehensions of C-suite leaders regarding potential liabilities and contractual commitments are valid, the benefits of integrating smart technology into multifamily properties are undeniably substantial. With the right approach and partnerships, these concerns can be effectively addressed, unlocking the full potential of smart amenities to enhance resident satisfaction, streamline operations, and bolster profitability.

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