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Quote from developer about Fetch service. Package management solution.

Removing on-site packages can be a major benefit to communities, Owners, Operators, and Developers due to a number of reasons. Florida based Real Estate Developer,  Stan Durlacher of Denunzio Development Group, shares why he is “eager to provide Fetch Package as an amenity to future tenants.”

“As a real estate developer, I pay close attention to issues in the building where I live. I especially take note of those that need improvement. I lived in an apartment building last year and I was surprised by the large number of packages that continually overflowed the front lobby, the package locker areas and in the extra space that the building management partitioned off to hold the overflow.

When the shipping companies notified me of a delivery, that started off a process that often took the on-duty concierge and me a disappointingly long time to figure out where my package was located. In addition, I had a high-value package that UPS delivered to the building, but it simply disappeared.

Clearly, this building’s management staff was trying hard to meet the demand. They devoted both a large amount of its valuable real estate and its concierge time to try to keep their head above water. Even though I rented there during the onset of COVID, the peak package deliveries simply outstripped the space and resources needed to keep up with the delivery volume. Their ad hoc system was clearly not working for neither the building management nor its occupants.

Recently, my wife and I relocated to St Petersburg, Florida so I could design and build a new 28 story mixed use high rise building. The soon-to-be-built building will house both a hotel and 17 stories of multifamily rental units.

During this assignment, we rented an apartment in a building community whose ownership provides an amenity called Fetch Package designed to facilitate package deliveries.

Our experience with Fetch Package is excellent. What a difference! The main lobby and adjoining spaces are free of loose packages. The Fetch delivery system alerts us through an app when they receive a package at their distribution center. Then, we can schedule a convenient time to receive our packages, delivered right to our front door. A knock at the door lets us know our package has arrived.

Fetch is a fantastic program that accepts and stores my packages at a secure Fetch facility until I am ready to have them delivered to me. They have delivery times I can choose throughout the day.

Because I am a very satisfied Fetch customer, I am eager to provide Fetch Package as an amenity to my future tenants. Also, I do not have to build any storage areas in my new building or have building management staff try to keep up with package demands. Plus the Fetch system can handle seasonal or peak volumes without any impact to the building. Fetch will handle all my package logistics. It is a brilliant solution to a difficult logistics problem.

 With the obvious value and convenience of Fetch service to both sides, I feel it’s a no-brainer to bring it onboard.”

Get ahead of the package problem before it even begins by introducing Fetch to a new build. Give on-site teams time back in their days, create more space by handling packages off-site, and get rid of the porch pirates once and for all! Let’s chat about how Fetch can help your new development today!

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