The Top 5 Benefits of Adopting Fetch – Asset Manager Edition


the benefits of adopting fetch – Asset Manager Edition

Have you been hearing from the management team at some of your communities that they need help managing the community’s “package situation?” Maybe they’ve mentioned having “package dread” once or twice? The issue is simple and, lucky for all, the solution is also simple; remove the on-site team from package management altogether so they don’t have to interact with resident package deliveries at all.

The Problem

Leasing offices are being overrun by resident packages and deliveries. The staff is spending an enormous amount of time interacting with these deliveries: accepting, signing, storing, logging, notifying, solving problems, and delivering packages to their residents (if they aren’t misplaced or stolen) – all while trying to manage their actual job duties. 

For communities with lockers, there are other challenges. Oddly shaped packages don’t fit into lockers and delivery personnel end up leaving the packages outside the lockers or finding a staff member to deal with the delivery. Adding more lockers doesn’t solve the problem or create a scalable solution because some deliveries will just never fit within a locker. 

Package rooms are overflowing and new requirements are popping up based on the resident delivery trends. Refrigerated spaces are now needed to meet the needs of residents. Precious community space is being carved out to store resident packages instead of utilizing the real estate for more revenue-generating amenities.

E-commerce is growing at a 25% clip annually and still only accounts for about 10% of all retail sales. Apartment communities are being left in a bind and it’s not just when Amazon holds their Prime Day sale that community managers cringe, a 300 unit community can see upwards of 400 resident deliveries per week.

The Solution

Fetch has removed the community staff from needing to deal with packages entirely. Fetch assumes all direct-to-door delivery and coordinates directly with residents. The Fetch support team manages any issues that may arise (ie: resident has to work late and won’t be home until 7PM, after the sales office will be closed for the day) and makes sure the deliveries (packages, furniture, refrigerated food subscriptions) all make it to their final destination.  

We know you’ve got a specific job to do as an Asset Manager and we are here to support you. Check out this numbered list of ways that Fetch will benefit your community. 

Top 5 Financial Benefits of adopting Fetch at your communities

  1. Additional NOI = Increased Property Value
    Communities often pass-through the service fees associated with the Fetch amenity upon renewals on stabilized assets and lease-ups.
  2. Add valuable amenities to the property
    Repurpose space dedicated to packages or lockers into co-working spaces, dog washing areas, a bike repair station, an additional unit, or nearly anything else that would be useful to your community and add value.
  3. No upfront CapX
    No need to allocate construction costs, labor and space to building out package rooms (which will not be scalable). Upfront locker costs and space created to hold lockers will be unnecessary moving forward.
  4. Keep staff focused on revenue-generating activities
    The average amount of staff time lost handling packages at a 300-unit community is 2,281 hours annually which equals about $41,058 in labor time. 24/7 concierge communities have historically had concierge staff spending up to 75% of their time dealing with packages. Fetch communities are now able to repurpose this wasted time, thus offsetting any associated fees.
  5. No Long Term Commitments
    We have two-year contracts, but with no up-front costs, and we even work with you on a pricing ramp-up to make sure you seamlessly integrate the costs of adding this amenity.

The bottom line is that adding Fetch to your valuable list of amenities will not only make your community staff beyond happy, but it will also lead to very happy residents which will increase your bottom line. 

Let’s discuss all the ways Fetch will benefit your community

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