The Top 9 Benefits of Adopting Fetch – Community Manager Edition


the benefits of adopting fetch – Community Manager Edition

Have you heard of “Package Dread”? This phenomenon is creating a lot of friction for many community managers. Being inundated by resident deliveries is distracting and costly. Fetch is fixing this problem by addressing the core of the issue and making your life easier.

Fetch is relieving property management staff of the day-to-day activities required to deal with resident packages of all shapes and sizes that are flooding their communities. We do this by providing a truly scalable solution to the package problem that removes you and your team from the process entirely. We are a property-wide amenity and assume all direct-to-door delivery responsibilities. We coordinate directly with residents to make sure that a delivery is possible when it’s most convenient for them. This includes all packages as well as furniture, food subscription services, and more.

Top 9 Community Manager Benefits of Adopting Fetch

  1. Enjoy a clean, package-free lobby, office, and community
    When you adopt Fetch as an amenity, there will be no more packages in your lobby, by your desk, against random walls, or leaning against lockers.
    Amazon deliveries outside locker
  2. Take back your time
    There’s no need for you and your team to spend so much time dealing with resident packages – from directing delivery drivers to making special accommodations for each resident, all this extra work takes time away from your real job. We don’t know how you balance at all! But the great news is – you don’t have to any longer. Let Fetch handle everything package-related,  and you can focus on your priorities!
  3. Move-In perks
    When a new resident signs a lease, they can immediately begin using the Fetch amenity to order all their new furniture and other items for their apartment. Fetch will coordinate delivery for their move-in date! Residents love having this added move-in resource and appreciate the ease and flexibility. 
  4. Happy Residents
    We hear from happy residents often. They are thrilled that they don’t have to rush home to pick up packages before your leasing office closes. They know that any sized delivery can be accommodated and don’t fret about packages not fitting in lockers. They can order a new mattress, or couch, and have it delivered to their door at a time that works for them. They don’t stress about stolen items or who’s granted access to the property, they have peace-of-mind. In fact, residents are often so happy with the added benefit of Fetch that they are one of our top referral sources! (It’s a mutual adoration!)
    Fetch resident referral
  5. No new software to learn
    There’s nothing for you or your staff to learn except how to maximize all the newfound time!
  6. Staff extension
    We are truly an extension of your team. We thrive by taking care of your residents and working with them through all their questions and needs. You don’t have to deal with anything package-related again, we’ve got you covered.
  7. Additional NOI
    We are a value-based amenity. We guarantee your first year will be operationally net neutral or positive with our service. Check out our handy time-savings calculator for yourself.
  8. You get your own account
    Yes, you and your staff will all receive your own Fetch accounts at the community so you can use this amenity just like the residents do. (Bonus!)
  9. No Long term contracts
    We have two-year contracts, but with no up-front costs, and we even work with you on a pricing ramp-up to make sure you seamlessly integrate the costs of adding this amenity.

Here to help

We’ve seen firsthand how multifamily apartment communities are dealing with “package dread” due to the explosive growth of e-commerce. We are problem solvers and know that Fetch can provide relief for your community. There’s no slow-down insight for this on-demand generation of residents. Instead of trying to manage the issue internally, offer your residents an additional amenity and ease the friction. We’re here to help!

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