why great customer service is about the people helping people

Photo Collage of Fetch Customer Experience Team

If you work in any sort of customer-facing role, you care about your customers’ happiness; most people do. They pay the bills, create a reason for your job, and are the sounding board for your business. Because you care, you might have googled

“what’s the key to great customer service?”

You then swim through the ocean of oddly similar articles by industry leaders telling you that consumers want fast response rates, quick turn around times, and omnichannel support and that once you do all of these things, you will skyrocket your customer satisfaction and in turn, create more profit for your business. Sounds so simple.

While these articles may be true, at Fetch, we know there are more layers to it than just numbers and metrics. It’s more difficult to find an article that focuses directly on the people involved in making great customer service happen and that’s what I want to talk about: the people and beliefs behind fetch’s customer experience team.

In the fetch world, they are known as “The Unicorns.”

They are a rockstar team built of the most caring individuals I’ve met. They are grounded in patience, confidence, and empathy. They work hard, day in and day out, to listen to our users. Whether it be text, email, or phone they stand by to serve. They know that users sometimes need guidance about the platform. They also know that sometimes we can fall short, but they remain accountable and make sure we do what is right by the customer. They do this because in their hearts they genuinely believe that each package is so much more than a box and that the person on the other end of the communication needs understanding and empathy. 

It’s because of this belief that I hear of countless Unicorn customer service stories, each one different and unique but with the same core theme of care. Like the time they delivered a signed get well soon card and a coffee to a fetch user who was recovering from an illness. Or, when they picked up a user’s package from a major carrier that was delayed and ground rushed it to them so that they wouldn’t miss it on a special day. They’ve even organized an entire apartment move-in for a user who was relocating from another city, all because they wanted to help get them settled into their new home. Even a simple explanation of our platform, while it’s not as critical of a situation, gets handled with the same level of thoughtfulness and understanding.

These are just a few examples of the stories we hear day in and day out. It’s the foundation of what makes our company successful but also what makes us different. We’re people helping people. We built our customer experience on the belief that doing the right thing is always the right thing. And that service is actually what matters most.

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