7 Clever Ways to Fix an Overrun Package Room in Multifamily

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Frustrated with overrun package rooms due to the online shopping boom?

These bulging package rooms can bring a barrage of headaches, from unhappy residents and operational bottlenecks to significant security threats. Let’s effectively address these challenges while elevating your residents’ experience with smart strategies that you can implement right now.

Welcome to our transformative guide: 7 Ways to Fix an Overrun Package Room in Multifamily.

1. Third-Party Delivery Services: A Game Changer

The ultimate solution to an overrun package room is entrusting package management to a reliable third-party delivery service. This type of multifamily service offers a lifeline to communities struggling with overflowing package volume and adds a convenient amenity for your residents. 

A third-party package delivery service like Fetch offers expertise in receiving, storing, and delivering packages. Your residents receive their packages promptly, and at the time of delivery they choose. By trusting Fetch to handle all package management, communities will experience a profound transformation. 

One of the immediate benefits is the freed-up valuable space that was once occupied by overstuffed package rooms. This newfound space can be repurposed for amenities, communal areas, or other features that enhance the overall quality of life for residents and onsite teams. The burden of day-to-day package management is lifted from the shoulders of your staff, allowing them to focus on more essential tasks and ensuring a higher standard of service in other areas. 

Residents enjoy the fruits of this change by encountering a hassle-free package experience that aligns perfectly with the modern, convenience-driven lifestyle. Outsourcing package management is more than just a solution. It is a transformative way for multifamily communities seeking to regain control over overrun package rooms and redefine the resident experience.

2. Implement A Tech Solution

Incorporating technology could be a beneficial way to address the challenge of overrun package rooms. Some communities opt for onsite staff to handle the influx of packages using various tech tools to aid the package management process. These tools typically include package management software, barcode scanners, and notification systems to track and organize incoming packages. 

While this might seem like a reasonable approach, it could fall short in handling the sheer volume of incoming packages. The software may have a steep learning curve, causing delays in implementation and potentially overwhelming staff. The constant need for staff training, software maintenance, and potential technical issues can outweigh the benefits of these tools, leading to inefficiencies in managing the package room. However, the implementation of new technology for onsite staff could help to streamline the package management process. 

3. Educate Your Residents

Education plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth package management process within multifamily communities. Providing residents with accessible and comprehensive resources regarding package policies at your community and the importance of prompt package pickup is crucial. By clearly outlining policies and procedures through informative materials, newsletters, or dedicated online platforms, residents gain a better understanding of the community’s expectations. Emphasizing the significance of timely package retrieval not only aids in preventing overcrowding but also minimizes the risk of misplaced or lost packages, thereby safeguarding residents’ valuable deliveries. 

Educating residents about these policies cultivates a sense of responsibility and community awareness, contributing to a more efficient and organized package room while fostering a harmonious living environment for all. However, despite efforts in education, some residents may still overlook or disregard package policies, leading to occasional delays and challenges in managing the package room efficiently.

4. Staffing and Security

Package rooms, while intended for convenience, often inadvertently become an open invitation to porch pirates. The increase in foot traffic through these communal spaces can make it challenging to ensure the security of residents‘ packages. To combat this, many communities find themselves investing in additional security measures, which can add both operational complexities and costs. 

5. Communication for Residents

A significant part of the solution is transparent communication with residents. Make sure they are aware of the package management process and how to access their packages. Regularly send reminders via text, updates via email, or community notices to keep them informed about changes or improvements in the package delivery process. Resident education can help reduce confusion and the number of unclaimed packages.

6. Enforce Package Policies

To prevent the package room from becoming overcrowded, establish and enforce clear package policies. Set limits on the number of days a package can remain in the room before it is returned to the sender or relocated to a designated area. Penalties for frequent package room misuse can also encourage responsible behavior among residents. 

7. Optimizing Package Room Design

Optimizing package room design is crucial for effective space utilization and improved organization. Consider rearranging shelves, introducing efficient locker systems, and implementing clear labeling techniques to ensure a more streamlined and accessible package room. This isn’t just about organization; it’s about creating an inviting space for both packages and residents alike. Remember, good organization in the package room can be as calming as good “fung shui” (although the evil spirits of package disorganization might disagree!) By maximizing space and implementing an orderly layout, you not only ward off clutter but also create a more harmonious and pleasant experience for both staff and residents.

In the fast-evolving landscape of e-commerce and online shopping, the logistical headache of an overcrowded package room remains a significant challenge for multifamily property managers. Overflow of packages not only leads to frustrated residents but also triggers operational inefficiencies and potential security risks. The convenience and efficiency of these solutions align perfectly with the modern, convenience-driven lifestyle residents seek. Strategies like technology integration, resident education, optimized room design, and stringent policies aim to streamline the package room, they may fall short in comparison to the transformative impact Fetch brings. If you aren’t sure you have enough time to fix your package problem before the holiday peak season really hits you, ditch the package room and call Fetch to the rescue!

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