3 ways to increase apartment security around holiday peak season

apartment security for package delivery around the holiday peak season

It doesn’t matter where your multifamily community is situated or how dense the population of your neighborhood is, apartment security is a high priority for many residents. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, multifamily communities have up to an 85 percent higher chance of being burglarized than single-family homes. With holidays right around the corner and an influx of carriers, delivery drivers and visitors in and out of your community, is it time to ramp up apartment security at your community? Here are some measures you can take.

1. Incorporate video surveillance

Having video surveillance installed in common areas of your community can be incredibly beneficial. It’s important that residents don’t feel the cameras are on them, but rather on common spaces where emergency exits are and where high community traffic happens (perhaps an outdoor sitting area or entries/exits near the leasing office). Due to the holiday peak season coming up, if your community is lacking a secure package/gift delivery system or residents are expecting a heightened amount of friends and family visiting, considering video surveillance in the community may aid in potential bumps in the road. Surveillance can help to eliminate package theft, home burglaries and uninvited guests into your community. Video surveillance not only shows residents you care about their safety and their home, but can even deter crime and in turn, attract more residents. 

2. Minimize carrier footprint

Because package delivery is at an all time high during the holidays, coupled with the fact your community sees more unfamiliar faces visiting, one of the best ways to support secure entry is by implementing direct-to-door package delivery. This means there is less foot traffic from unfamiliar carriers in and out of the community and all resident packages go straight into the hands of residents or right to their door prompting a secure delivery process. With direct-to-door delivery, community on-site staff and residents begin to get to know Fetch delivery drivers’ faces day by day. Communities benefit from fostering a relationship with their delivery partners as residents and on-site staff build trust, all while creating a stronger sense of community. Additionally, there is no need for residents to worry about packages and gifts being delivered in an unsecure package room, in front of lockers or worse, stolen by porch pirates. Implementing direct-to-door delivery decreases the community traffic and in many cases helps to prevent theft, making it an excellent opportunity to boost apartment security at your community. Learn more here. 

3. Have a security guard or physical presence

Never underestimate the power of hiring a security guard on-site! Having a physical presence on-site is incredibly beneficial in warding away uninvited guests. Security guards will protect your community from vandalism, theft and assault. Elite Protective Services states that having security guards provide a sense of heightened security for residents, keeps crime away and most importantly, can provide a quick response time for any issues that need fast assistance. Likewise, security guards can cover a vast variety of the community space, from common areas to hallways whenever residents may feel concern. 

Providing additional security measures, especially during holiday peak season, is always advantageous for your residents and community on-site staff. Consider how these options can become opportunities for you, and if you’re looking to secure your residents packages– reach out to us here.

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