The Devastating Truth About December: Multifamily’s Busiest Month for Package Delivery

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The holiday season brings joy to many, but for multifamily property managers and onsite teams, it can be a time of heightened stress. As online shopping soars, an overwhelming number of packages floods multifamily communities, creating a logistical nightmare for property management teams. Let’s explore the challenges faced by these professionals and discover innovative solutions to alleviate their burden.

December Challenges for Multifamily Properties:

Package Overload:

As the holiday season approaches, multifamily communities brace themselves for a massive influx of packages. With the rise of online shopping and the tradition of gift-giving, the holiday season becomes a whirlwind of deliveries, transforming peaceful communities into bustling hubs of logistical mayhem. This surge in packages isn’t just a minor inconvenience– it’s a logistical Everest that puts even the most experienced property management teams to the test. As December unfolds, properties transform into battlegrounds where efficiency and organization are the keys to survival amidst the relentless tide of packages.

Operational Strain:

Managing the increased volume of packages in December places a significant operational strain on multifamily properties. The sheer volume of packages isn’t just a logistical headache, for some communities it can turn into a full-blown operational crisis. What’s supposed to be a season of joy turns into a complex puzzle, demanding innovative solutions to handle the influx. Imagine this: multifamily teams aren’t just dealing with a mountain of packages; they’re also juggling the complexities of sorting, storing, and delivering them on time. It’s a delicate dance, and the stakes are high – keeping operations running smoothly while keeping residents happy. Multifamily communities are an intricate web of operations, where every decision and solution is a piece of the puzzle, crucial to maintaining harmony during the holiday frenzy.

Resident Experience Impact:

While your residents eagerly await the joy and festivities of the holiday season, the reality for many property teams takes a different turn. The stress of delayed or misplaced packages can dampen the holiday spirit, transforming a time of celebration into an experience of frustration. December becomes a crucial month where the focus shifts from merriment to ensuring a positive resident experience. Effective package management becomes an extremely important part of daily operations, serving as the cornerstone in preserving the holiday magic (and shielding residents from the disappointments that can accompany delayed deliveries).

The Battle Against Porch Pirates and the Importance of Apartment Security:

While December brings joy, it also sees a surge in porch pirates—the act of stealing packages left on doorsteps. This issue is especially prevalent in multifamily dwellings, making apartment security one of the highest priorities for property teams. Property managers must prioritize the implementation of security measures, such as surveillance cameras, secure package lockers, and resident education on safe package retrieval practices, to safeguard both deliveries and resident safety.

Effects of holiday package increase:

Package Volume Spikes by 40%:

During the holiday season, multifamily residents receive an average of 40% more packages than usual. This surge in volume strains property management teams and delivery personnel, leading to delays and lost packages.

Porch Piracy Skyrockets:

Communities often have less secure common areas, such as hallways and lobbies, which makes it easier for porch pirates to steal packages without being noticed, especially during the holiday season when there are increased packages scattered throughout the community. The lack of individualized security measures and the anonymity of shared spaces in multifamily complexes make them more vulnerable to porch piracy compared to single-family homes, where packages are often delivered directly to secured doorsteps or porches. 

Delivery Failures Rise:

The combination of increased volume, inclement weather, and holiday distractions can lead to a significant rise in delivery failures, regardless of which carrier is delivering packages. A study by a major shipping carrier found that delivery failures increase by 10% during the holiday season.

Resident Satisfaction Plummets:

The challenges of managing holiday package delivery can lead to a decline in resident satisfaction. A survey by a property management association found that resident complaints about package delivery increase by 20% during the holiday season.

As multifamily property managers gear up for the holiday season, the challenges of December package delivery loom large. Understanding the truth about this busiest month is the first step toward implementing innovative solutions that not only ease the strain on multifamily teams but also ensure a joyful and secure resident experience. Through technology integration, collaboration with delivery services, and a heightened focus on security, multifamily communities can turn the tide against the December package delivery avalanche.

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