How to Use Amenities to Sell, Renew, and Solve Problems

How to Use Amenities to Sell, Renew, and Solve Problems: Four Winning Strategies In today's hyper-competitive rental market, property managers are turning amenities into strategic levers for driving revenue, renewing leases, and tackling everyday resident woes. Here's how you can transform your amenity game from cost center to profit powerhouse (and resident magnet) with four innovative revenue-generating amenities:

How to Use Amenities to Sell, Renew, and Solve Problems: Four Winning Strategies

In today’s hyper-competitive rental market, property managers are turning amenities into strategic levers for driving revenue, renewing leases, and tackling everyday resident woes. Here’s how you can transform your amenity game from cost center to profit powerhouse (and resident magnet) with four innovative revenue-generating amenities:

Offsite Package Management with Fetch 

Forget overflowing package rooms and frustrated residents. Fetch is an offsite package management system providing secure and convenient package delivery on your residents’ terms. That’s right — your onsite team can forget about resident package management altogether. Fetch keeps all the packages in warehouses off-property. With direct-to-resident delivery, they receive packages at their doorstep, even when the leasing office is closed. Fetch solves the classic package theft headache, boosts resident satisfaction, and opens up potential revenue streams.

Happy Residents are Loyal Residents

Studies show that convenient package delivery is a top priority for renters. By getting rid of delivery hassles, you boost resident satisfaction and living experience. Happy residents stick around, and that translates to lower turnover rates and higher retention.

Revenue Revolution

Fetch isn’t just about convenience; it’s about opportunity. Partner with Fetch and unlock the potential for lucrative pass-through fees. Residents get premium package delivery features like secure package holding, controlling deliveries through an app, and delivery right at their doorstep. This premium delivery service offers convenience to residents. Additionally, it generates a steady stream of income for your community.

Operational Efficiency, Amplified 

Forget the days of overflowing package lockers, rooms, and frustrated leasing staff. Fetch handles package storage and retrieval, freeing up your team to focus on what they do best: creating a thriving community. Less time wrestling with packages means more time building relationships with residents.

Future-Proof Your Property

In today’s competitive rental market, amenities matter. Fetch isn’t just a solution; it’s a statement. By partnering with Fetch, you’re showcasing your commitment to innovation and resident satisfaction. It’s a strategic move that positions your property as a leader in the future of living.

Go Beyond the Gym: Elevate Wellness with On-Demand Fitness 

Picture this: a gym sitting still, its treadmills echoing the silence with their lonely rotations. Dust bunnies tumble across abandoned weights, the only inhabitants a few stray cobwebs. Sound familiar? The traditional gym model is often a graveyard of good intentions, where residents’ goals get lost in the maze of equipment and rigid schedules. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Instead, imagine your residents breeze through a sunrise yoga session streamed live from their living room. After work, they crank up the energy with a high-intensity interval training class right in their bedrooms. No commute, no crowded locker rooms, just pure focus on their fitness goals. Here’s why this on-demand approach wins big:

Resident Magnet

Cater to every fitness level and preference. Residents can choose their workouts based on their mood, schedule, and energy levels. It’s fitness democracy in action! Attract a crowd who crave convenience and personalization. On-demand workouts tap into the trend of wellness-minded living, giving your property a competitive edge.

Space Optimization & Maximized Results 

Ditch the bulky gym equipment and reclaim precious common areas. On-demand fitness thrives in individual apartments. This makes the most of your space without sacrificing sweat-inducing action.

Tiered Options, Tailored Revenue 

Cater to diverse needs with optional memberships. Offer access to exclusive content, in-person classes, or a fitness space for residents who crave a communal experience. It’s a way to personalize fitness offerings and unlock new revenue streams.

Unleash the Power of Community 

Your community isn’t just bricks and mortar; it’s a blank canvas for a vibrant community. It’s time to ditch the “collection of square footage” model. Instead, unleash the power of curated experiences that make your residents feel like they belong. Curated experiences aren’t just parties and perks. They’re about building a thriving ecosystem where residents feel seen, valued, and connected. It’s about transforming your property from a place to live to a place to belong, a place to learn, a place to laugh, a place to call home. Here’s what curated experiences unlock:

Belonging Blooms 

Ditch the isolation, foster friendships, and watch a genuine sense of community take root. Events spark conversations, shared laughter builds bonds, and your residents become more than just neighbors. They become a support system, a cheering squad, and a family.

Sticky Loyalty 

Why should residents choose your community when others offer the same things? Curated experiences give your residents a reason to love where they live. They’ll remember the rooftop yoga under the moon, the hilarious movie night bloopers, and the warm welcome they felt at the community potluck. These memories translate to loyalty and renewed leases. Forget generic flyers and passive outreach. Events bring residents together organically, creating a buzz that travels beyond your walls. Word-of-mouth becomes your best marketing tool. This attracts new residents eager to join the vibrant community you’ve cultivated.

Beyond Fun, Address Needs

Go beyond the fun factor and tap into your residents’ practical needs. Host financial planning workshops, pet care seminars, or cooking classes with local chefs. These events show you care about their well-being and turn your property into a resource hub, strengthening the sense of belonging.

Smart Tech to the Rescue

Technology isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a game-changer. By embracing smart solutions, you’re streamlining operations and creating a future-forward living experience that attracts tech-savvy renters. In turn, this empowers your onsite team and sets your community apart from competitors. It’s time to ditch the drudgery and embrace the future. Let smart tech transform your community into a haven of convenience and efficiency. Here’s how embracing smart tech wins big:

Convenience Conquers Chaos

Touchless entry systems banish fumbled keychains and locked-out woes. Smart thermostats learn resident preferences, crafting comfort and slashing energy bills. Laundry app integration makes laundry day a breeze, no more frantic dashes to snag a free washing machine. You’ve just unleashed a wave of convenience that leaves residents smiling and stress-free.

Tech Attracts

Attract the generation raised on smartphones and smart speakers. Your property will set you apart from the analog competition. Tech-savvy renters will flock to experience the future of living, boosting your leasing game and reputation.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Say goodbye to endless maintenance calls and inefficient staff scheduling. Smart systems track key aspects of your property, freeing your team to focus on what matters most: creating a thriving community. It’s a win-win scenario! Saving you time and money while making your property run like a well-oiled machine.

The key to successful amenity strategies is understanding your residents’ needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment, get creative, and partner with innovative companies. By turning amenities into value-driven experiences, you’ll keep residents happy and sticking around. Plus, you can unlock new revenue streams that will strengthen your bottom line. Ditch the cookie-cutter amenities and start designing experiences that sell, renew, and solve problems. – your residents (and your budget) will thank you for it!

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