Navigating Multifamily Trends

the shift towards technology-driven solutions was prominently featured, setting the stage for the rise of third party multifamily apps, you guessed it, controlled by residents!

Navigating Multifamily Trends: Offsite Package Management Apps as a Key ROI Driver

As the multifamily landscape continues to evolve, property managers are honing their skills in trend forecasting to stay ahead of the curve. In the pursuit of enhancing resident experience and optimizing operations, one standout trend has emerged: the integration of resident-controlled apps.

This tech trend not only empowers residents but also holds the promise of significant return on investment (ROI) for property managers’ tech stacks.

In a recent article by Raiven titled “Top Multifamily Trends of 2023 and What They Mean to You,” key trends that are shaping the industry in the current year were outlined. Among these trends, the shift towards technology-driven solutions was prominently featured, setting the stage for the rise of third-party multifamily apps, you guessed it, controlled by residents!

Addressing a Growing Challenge: Package Management

E-commerce’s exponential growth has brought package management to the forefront of multifamily challenges. Property managers grapple with how to efficiently handle a surge in package deliveries while ensuring the security and convenience of their residents. This challenge has given rise to a new era of package management solutions centered around offsite management.

Offsite Package Management App: A Tech Trend

The advent of offsite package management controlled through an app has introduced a transformative solution to this challenge. Solutions like the Fetch Resident App empower community residents by placing package delivery control at their fingertips. With real-time tracking, notifications upon delivery, and even the option to schedule preferred delivery times, residents gain a new level of control over their packages. However, the benefits for the community don’t stop there.

Property managers stand to gain significantly from the adoption of this service in their tech stacks:

Cost Savings

As fewer packages are stored onsite, property managers can reduce storage costs. This efficient use of space translates into potential revenue streams by repurposing areas previously allocated for package storage. This might look like flipping an old package room into an events room residents can reserve for private gatherings or a room where the community can host local restaurants and hold resident events.

Resident Satisfaction

Offering residents the convenience of managing packages through an app aligns with their digital lifestyles, leading to heightened satisfaction and increased resident retention rates. By showing your residents that your community keeps pace with trends and residents’ unique needs, you are providing a service that residents may not want to live without.

Resource Optimization

The automation provided by offsite package management apps streamlines processes, minimizing labor expenses associated with manual package handling from your onsite teams. By handing off package management to residents and a third-party service, onsite teams have more control over how to spend their valuable time in the leasing office.

Operational Efficiency

By reducing the time and effort dedicated to package management, property managers can redirect their resources to more value-added tasks that contribute to resident satisfaction and overall community well-being. 

Competitive Edge 

Incorporating cutting-edge technology can set a multifamily property apart from its competitors. The integration of such resident-centric solutions can attract tech-savvy residents and position the property as a forward-thinking community.

Ravien’s  “Top Multifamily Trends of 2023 and What They Mean to You” underscores the significance of technology in the multifamily industry’s evolution. It highlights the importance of embracing trends that elevate resident experience and operational efficiency, thus aligning with the rationale behind adopting offsite package management apps.

Embracing the future 

Multifamily’s dynamic nature requires property managers to embrace emerging trends. The integration of offsite package management apps represents a pivotal step toward meeting the challenges posed by the surge in package deliveries. As property managers strive to enhance operational efficiency, resident satisfaction, and overall ROI, these apps prove to be a key component of their tech stack, shaping a successful trajectory for the multifamily sector in the years ahead.

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