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At fetch package, we are dedicated to eliminating the stress of package retrieval for apartment residents. Our straight-to-the-door delivery service allows residents to pick and choose a convenient delivery window for their lifestyle, without delay of delivery.

Wondering how our fetch process works?

Our Operations team devotes time and energy to building and maintaining relationships with major carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Since fetch facilities are a commercial address, carriers prioritize delivery to our facilities first thing each morning, seven days a week. As residents use their unique fetch address they become eligible for delivery earlier than a non-fetch apartment address.

Even packages scheduled for overnight delivery that a resident urgently needs can be delivered straight to the door without delay. Whether it is UPS Next Day Air or FedEx Overnight Priority, these express deliveries come straight off planes, onto delivery trucks, and on average, are delivered to our Fetch facility between 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM local time.

But it does not end there. We go the extra mile by picking up packages from post offices using our own fleet. This alleviates USPS’ workload. We have open accounts with UPS in order to strategically boost their bulk delivery arrival times. We have contacts with Amazon that allow for us to bulk route parcels into one vehicle, rather than multiple ones that make many stops throughout the day. FedEx Express and Ground have agents that work with us to standardize serviced properties with their associated Fetch facility. All of these partnerships allow us to receive, sort, and distribute packages earlier than a standard apartment delivery.

The Operations team here at fetch are given the tools to succeed in carrying out swift and accurate processes that allow for all packages to be inventoried and delivered as quickly as possible. All delivery staff, from our employed Delivery Drivers and contracted couriers, are given training tools that focus on secure deliveries. Because of the relationships we build with our clients and major carriers, we are able to deliver packages straight to the resident’s door without delay.

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