What You Need To Know: The Top 5 Most Valuable Sessions To Attend at Apartmentalize 2024

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The Top 5 Most Valuable Sessions To Attend

Apartmentalize 2024 in Philadelphia is mere weeks away and brimming with educational opportunities for industry professionals like you. But with so many sessions to choose from, where do you begin? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

We know you’re bombarded with options, so we’ve curated a killer list of 5 MUST-ATTEND sessions. Get ready to be inspired and strategize like a pro! 

From mastering resident engagement to maximizing operational efficiency, these sessions will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to propel your success. 

Let’s dive into the lineup and show why these sessions deserve a prominent spot on your conference schedule! 

Here are the top 5 sessions you’ll definitely want to attend at this year’s Apartmentalize. 

1. Courageous Voices: Making Noise, Creating Paths, and Supporting Others

Session Value

This upbeat, interactive workshop will inspire, provide practical tools, and cultivate a supportive environment for individuals to embrace their courage, forge unique paths, and uplift and support others on their journeys. 

The Takeaway 

After attending this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to make your voice heard and forge unique paths.
  • Embrace courage and develop a mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Grasp the importance of building and nurturing a supportive network.
  • Create strategies for creating an inclusive community that encourages collaboration.

Why You Should Attend 

Career development is all about learning, and this session will give you valuable and practical tools for developing effective communication and a clearer vision. It also offers inspiration for creating a supportive community — which includes you and those around you. When you combine the three, you become a catalyst for positive change in your community.

There’s a growing focus on inclusivity, and your courageous voice can play a critical role in this area. In multifamily, having accessible service amenities is an essential piece of the puzzle, as they offer innovative solutions that enhance resident satisfaction. These services can unlock inclusivity and create a win-win for both residents and property managers.

2. Surf’s Up! Marketing Channels Making the Biggest Waves

Session Value
A recent industry survey showed that AI, search/PPC (pay-per-click), and paid social media are the top channels marketers would like to invest in more. However, as operational costs rise and occupancy rates flatten, rental housing marketers will be charged with doing more in 2024 with little (or no) budget increases. This expert panel will discuss why these channels continue to gain momentum, share success stories, and give tips on how to triage by portfolio type.

The Takeaway
You will leave this session better equipped to utilize marketing channels that make the most sense for your property. You will: 

  • Learn how to identify key marketing channels most effective for rental housing marketers and the reasons behind their growing momentum.
  • Analyze and apply successful strategies from top marketers to optimize your marketing campaigns and budget allocation across portfolio types.
  • Recognize and address common challenges in rental property marketing, leveraging innovative approaches and tools.

Why You Should Attend: 

Everyone feels the pressure of being tasked to do more with less. AI, search/PPC, and paid social media are all hot topics right now. However,  they can waste precious time and energy if you’re not approaching them strategically. With words of wisdom from these marketing and industry experts, you’ll be better equipped to maximize your marketing investment.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to ditch the status quo. Property managers really need to be taking a hard look at how precious resources are used. Creating a marketing strategy that optimizes your spend make sense, and so does reevaluating the efficiency of your onsite teams. You shouldn’t be doing “all the things” when it comes to marketing, and you shouldn’t be hanging on to outdated package management delivery processes that frustrate your staff and waste the true talents of your teams. There are better ways, and you can learn about one of them {Hint: It’s Fetch!} at the expo. 

Come See Us at Apartmentalize at Booth #3124!

 Fetch will be at the 2024 Apartmentalize Conference & Expo on June 19-21, 2024. 

Package management continues to be a challenge for multifamily property managers; let Fetch be your solution!

Members of the Fetch team will be at Apartmentalize to answer all of your questions about how our off-site solution is the way to go!

3. Career Metamorphosis: Transforming Employee Ambitions into Realities

Session Value
Two common complaints among frontline employees: 1) They don’t know how to progress in their careers, and 2) They don’t hear about internal job openings until it’s too late. Nearly half (47%) of leasing team members say their current role is not their ideal long-term position, and 75% want to do something new in the next year. If they can’t do something new for your organization, they might go somewhere else. Hear the success stories of two companies that have increased employee engagement by focusing on career development.

The Takeaway

When you leave this session, you’ll be equipped with practical solutions to keep your top talent from walking out the door! Here’s how:

  • Discover critical yet simple strategies to improve the visibility of your career development pathways.
  • Understand specific approaches to address the most common career development obstacles.

Why You Should Attend 

Multifamily operators nationwide are struggling to keep leasing teams motivated and engaged. However,  understanding that reality and actually knowing how to address it aren’t the same. And if we’re all really honest with ourselves, it’s a struggle that can feel daunting. This session helps you take some first steps, because if nearly half of your team wants to grow within your organization but doesn’t know how to do so, then it’s time to start making some changes! 

One common frustration has to do with package management and delivery. After all, let’s face it: Your property team members didn’t join your company to become package handlers and delivery experts. So, it should be no surprise when disillusionment and discouragement set in. Fetch has a package delivery solution that relieves your onsite property teams of that burden. That one small switch creates valuable time to invest in your employees and helps them feel empowered to do the jobs you hired them to do – signing and renewing leases, caring for residents, and creating welcoming communities that people enjoy calling home.

4. The Leadership Labyrinth: Navigating through the Chaos

Session Value

This “Leadership Labyrinth” session takes a winding path into the key elements of transformational leadership. The hands-on experience will enable you to gain insights and sharpen your skills in handling workplace dynamics. Speakers Kimberly Hurd and Debbie Phillips will prepare you to conquer the maze of leadership challenges and emerge with confidence, adaptability, and a knack for making things happen and finding your way forward.

The Takeaway 

  • Uncover resilient strategies to surmount setbacks and navigate corporate politics like a pro. 
  • Identify the cornerstones of transformational leadership.
  • Recognize the ingredients that produce resiliency, transparency, and high-performing teams.
  • Learn how to navigate corporate politics, no matter how ugly they get.

Why You Should Attend: 

As you begin climbing the corporate ladder, it’s easy to feel stuck along the way. To become a successful leader, you need to know, understand, and develop specific strategies and skills to equip you for the road ahead. Luckily, these amazing leadership experts are willing to share their expertise, and this session lets you learn from some of the best! If you want to become a stronger leader, this is one session you don’t want to miss.

5. From Search to Signature: The Resident Experience

Session Value 

A new generation of renters is driving the market. Do you know how and why they’re finding (or not finding) you? NAA Research, sponsored by RealPage, surveyed 1,000 residents to ask how they’re searching and narrowing down choices for touring and what bugs them about the process. Delve into the data and learn when prospective residents want to engage, how they ultimately choose, and how much competition you really have.

The Takeaway 

Understanding the resident experience is key to your success. This session helps you understand recent research related to rental decision-making. You will:

  • Explore survey results from residents who have recently searched for an apartment to learn their methods and motivations.
  • Consider how the survey results translate into potential future staffing models.
  • Discover which technologies industry professionals use to improve the prospect experience and boost occupancies.

Why You Should Attend: 

This conference session is a must-attend for anyone in the rental industry. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights that will help you optimize your marketing strategy and attract the next wave of renters.

The amenities and services your property offers plays a large role in attracting (and retaining) residents; the survey results make that clear. The multifamily housing industry is seeing a surge of innovation, which is changing the landscape of property management. Now more than ever, property managers have an opportunity to leverage smart amenities to increase resident satisfaction, improve efficiency, and boost profitability.

We are getting excited about Apartmentalize and hope you are, too! The session lineup is fantastic, so get ready to learn and connect! 

Connect with us at Apartmentalize at Booth #3124!

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