An ode to 2022 package delivery with Fetch

package delivery at multifamily community thought fetch in 2022 and 2023

Well, that’s a wrap on 2022! 

By reflecting on Fetch’s last year, we realized an overarching theme in 2022: Persistence

In previous years, Fetch’s goals have centered around growth, expansion and creating a sense of community in new markets. There’s nothing quite like the rush of launching the first ever direct-to-door delivery service amenity in a new market. Every new team member, community on board, and resident registered with their new Fetch address brings the Fetch family a sense of joy and accomplishment like nothing else. 2021 was the year Fetch launched six new markets– a year of prosperous growth and excitement. 

But 2022 was the year we buckled down in those new markets and determined what we need to see success in the future. For this reason,  we slowed down to take time and reflect on what we can do to improve in each of our 27 markets. Learned how to make our clients’ voices heard. Seized every opportunity to #EnjoyTheJourney that we possibly could. 

2022 is, in our books, the year we reached 20 million packages delivered (DOUBLE what we hit in 2021). It’s the year we welcomed many vital new team members to our warehouses, our account management teams and our delivery driver database. But most importantly, in 2022 we continued pursuing our mission of disrupting the multifamily package delivery industry by providing a scalable, one-of-a-kind delivery service to our partners

As we watch delivery volume soar across the country, we are called to reflect on how ordering online has persisted and evolved. Residents can receive medications through package delivery. Statista reported the online grocery ordering customer base has accounted for close to 150 million shoppers (half the country’s population) and is expecting even more growth in coming years. Autoships are now extremely common when it comes to dog food, toothpaste and anything in between. Many avoid the hassle of buying furniture in stores and instead rely on having it shipped to their homes (did we mention we can handle that?). Through every major change and advancement that has impacted package delivery, Fetch finds a solution for communities looking for a way out of the package pileup. 

In 2023 we will see e-commerce continuing to go through the leasing office ceiling. Many large multifamily complexes are still lacking a scalable solution for these colossal delivery volumes. According to Statista, in the first six months of 2022, Houston (a longtime Fetch market) was the number one metropolitan area by new apartment deliveries. Austin (another market that’s been a part of the Fetch journey since the beginning), was number two, with over 4,000 apartment deliveries during that six month period. Fetch delivered 1,120,353 packages to the Houston market alone in 2022. The best part? We know that number is going up in 2023 and we can handle it. Unlike package lockers, rooms and leasing offices, off-site package management can’t be outgrown.

We work hard every day to make package delivery an easy and worry-free experience for the residents and communities we serve. Thank you to all of our amazing #FetchFans and the Fetch family for another great year in the books. We couldn’t be more grateful for endless support in the multifamily space. 2022, you’ve been unique and taught us so much. We’re so excited for where 2023 will take us. Year after year, we stay dedicated to our mission, our partners and our residents because… DELIVERY DRIVES US. 

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